Thursday, July 28, 2016

Maddie's Wedding Quilt

Lani and her granddaughter, Maddie, joined together to make this beautiful quilt! Hand embroidered by both of them. Lani found the patterns in Branson MO one year and they decided to make this quilt. Lani  had me quilt it for Maddie as her wedding gift!

Baby Pink thread was used for  the quilting.

Whimsical Hearts was the quilting pattern.

Take a look at all these blocks, all 12 are a different pattern!

Nicely done and a great quilt!

Just the binding and it will be done!

The backing.

Otoe County Fair Winners!

Here are just some of the winning quilts that I quilted and were entered in the Otoe Co Fair. This was Mia's 4-H quilt which got a purple ribbon and she won $20.00 as the Reserve Grand Champion quilt!

This is another 4-H quilt with another purple ribbon done by Emma!

And I caught Delta just in time to take a picture of her by her quilt which won my award and best bed size quilt quilted by another person and a purple ribbon and a blue ribbon, too! This is the 4th year in a row that she has won for that category!

A blue ribbon went to Mary's quilt, a QOV pattern and one of my favorite quilt patterns, of course, it's a star pattern!

Here is Sheri's fantastic Vintage Tin quilt which she embroidered and made it very special with the added things she put on it! A blue ribbon on that one, too!

Sheri's ABC Snowmen Quilt got a blue ribbon, too!

And Mary's Aspen Leaves wall Hanging got a blue ribbon! 

Amy's Black Hills Gold Quilt

Here is Amy's grand finale for the summer! She goes back to teach school in just a couple weeks so she made this for their bedspread and it is huge!

Beautifully done and it made an awesome quilt! She bought the kit in the Black Hills on a trip, thus the title of the quilt!

Blue Jay was the thread choice.

Blowing Leaves 003 was the quilting pattern.

Her borders.

Nicely done! Ready for the binding!

The backing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Savannah's Quilt

This is such a cute little quilt! Kathleen made it for her little niece, Savannah!

She chose Sticky Buns for the quilting pattern.

The thread choice was a variegated turquoise and blues thread.

Savannah will love it!

The interesting and fun backing!

Kris and Trevor's Wedding Quilt

Barb pieced this quilt for a wedding gift for Kris and Trevor. They will be surprised and happy to see this beauty!

Batiks just shine with the Sticky Buns quilting pattern.

Magic Magenta was the thread used on this quilt.

The borders with a delicious batik!

Great job!

The backing.

Karyl's Dog Quilt

Isn't this the cutest quilt?  Karyl made it to donate to CASA.  A very deserving child with be delighted to get this quilt!

Pigskin was the thread choice.

Dog Paws Overlay 001 was the quilting pattern.

Cute dogs all over this quilt. Nicely done!

The borders.

I love this guy!

The backing.

Avery's Quilt

Brenda's grandchildren are visiting from Texas so made this one for Avery! She will love it!

Nice pinks and grays make a great quilt!

Daisy Pano 005 was the quilting pattern.

The borders. Nicely done!

Gunmetal Gray was the thread choice.

The fun backing!