Saturday, June 30, 2012

Donna's Quilt for the 4-H Auction

Donna has constructed this beautiful quilt for the 4-H auction that is held at the county fair each year.
I'm sure this one will bring in a lot of money, it's so pretty!
Nicely done!

Retro Flowers B2B was the quilting pattern used.

Sage colored thread was used.

The borders of the quilt.

The quilt backing.

Alyce's Dog Bones Quilt

Alyce made this delightful dog quilt but I'm not sure if
she is going to share it with Duke and her cute little black dog whose name I just forgot!
Nice quilt!

Every kind of dog in this quilt!

Dob Bone Pano 003 was the quilting pattern.

Sienna thread was used .

The backing fabric.

Donna's Bedspread

Donna has put these panels of fabric together to create a wonderful bedspread! You can't beat a quilted comforter made with Jo Morton fabric and this fabric is wonderful!
My husband even commented that we should just keep this quilt to use on our bed....
I don't think Donna would go for that!

Classy Curls Pano 004 was used as the quilting pattern.

Camel thread was used.

The quilt backing looks like old timey fabric, which is great!

Amanda's Quilt

Marge made this quilt for Amanda as a wedding present.
I'm sure she will be delighted to get this masterpiece
as a wedding gift!

Blooming Things was the quilting pattern.

The borders, many of them!

Sumac thread was used.

The quilt backing.

Charlie's Quilt,Evan's Quilt, and Henry's Quilt

Bonnie has been busy making quilts for her sister's 3 young grandsons and they are constructed with alphabet blocks.Each quilt has the child's name and this one is Charlie's. You might not be able to see it in this picture but Charlie's name is spelled out down the middle of the row.
How cute are these quilts??!!

Construction is the name of this quilting pattern with bulldozers and other equipment.

Bermuda Blue was the quilt thread used in this quilt.

The quilt backing on Charlie's quilt.

Evan's Quilt.

Grass green thread was used.

Outer Space pano 002 was used for the quilting pattern.

Evan's backing fabric complete with the Toy Story characters!

Henry's Quilt.

Color Me was the quilting pattern used.

Goldenrod was the thread used on the quilt.

The small frog backing on Henry's quilt.