Thursday, September 29, 2016

June's Quilt

Whew! Kim bought the fabric last Friday for this quilt, pieced it over the last 2 days, drove 2 1/2 hours to get to my house and waited while I quilted it so she could get it bound tonight and she and her daughters will head to Chicago at 3 AM on Saturday morning for a baby shower at 11 AM Saturday morning! All for baby June who has yet to be born! But it's such a sweet quilt that baby June will love it!

Cracker Jacks 002 was the quilting pattern.

Silver thread was used.
So cute and nicely done!

The backing.

Natalie's Wedding Quilt

Can you imagine getting a wedding gift like this? WOW! Sharon made this for Natalie who will soon be getting married.!

The combination of prints is just magic! And nicely pieced I might add!

Hearts in A Swirl was the quilting pattern.

Spring Green was the thread choice.

The bright borders!

This  is a Scott Flanagan quilt pattern.

The batik backing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Inez's North Woods Quilt

Inez pulled out her woodland fabrics and made this cozy quilt!

Deer, elk, moose and bears!

Northwoods 4 was the quilting pattern.

Antique Gold thread was used.

And trees everywhere!

Great quilt!

The backing really shows the quilt pattern.

Anna's "Unbridled" Horse Quilt

I love this quilt! In fact, I have the fabric for it and Inez saw it at my house and ordered a kit to make for her great-granddaughter, Anna! Of course, my fabric is still sitting, waiting for me to make the quilt and waiting and waiting.....

The quilt is called " Unbridled" and the colors in the fabrics are just divine!

Kicking Up A Storm was the quilting pattern.

New Gold was the thread choice.

The horse borders.

Richly printed blocks.

Nicely done, I just hope to get mine done at some point!

The backing.

Inez's Log Cabin Quilt

Oh, yes! Another log cabin quilt! You can never tire of these classic designs! Inez is using up her scraps and she did a great job on this quilt! 

Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern.

Oatmeal was the thread used on this quilt.

Her leafy borders.

Very nice!

The backing.

Inez's Autumn Leaves Quilt

Inez is busy again with some more great quilts! Here is her autumn quilt, great for the upcoming season!

Blowing Leaves 002 was the quilting pattern.

Nice leaf fabric!

Pigskin was the thread choice.

The borders on the quilt.

Her interesting backing!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Peyton's Baseball Quilt

This has to be the ultimate baseball quilt! Patty made it for her grandson, Peyton, who will no doubt grow up to be a great baseball player! He's getting a new bedroom and this will be on his bed and I'm betting it will make him smile!

Baseball E2E was the quilting pattern.

Mother Goose was the thread color.

A great quilt for a little boy! Nicely done!

The backing.

Bill's Quilt

Patty made this huge quilt for her brother who will soon have a birthday. He wanted the southwestern look and she nailed it!

Marron Glaze was the thread color.

SW Sun Pano 002 SQ was the quilting pattern.

The soothing colors of the southwest!

The symbols of the southwest are in the quilting pattern.

He will love this quilt!!

Nicely done!

The backing.