Thursday, July 29, 2010

Karyl's Kaffe Fassett Quilt

Karyl made this amazing quilt with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and one of his patterns. There are so many different fabrics used that you cannot even count them. There are also so many different flowers that I decided to put a few more on the quilt so I used the quilting pattern called Retro Flowers and now there are a zillion flowers on the quilt! A breathtaking quilt!
Another view of the blocks.

Figuring out what color of thread was a challenge on this quilt until I came upon Bermuda Blue and it just screamed "USE ME" and so I did.......
Back of the quilt which forms another great quilt!

Karyl's French General Rouenneries Quilts

This is the first of 2 quilts made with these great fabrics.
Several different flowers cover this quilt.

I chose this Peonies pano because it was similar to the flowers in the border fabrics.

This is the backing of the quilt with the Peonies designs. The thread on this is also the Ficelle color.

Karyl made this quilt out of French General's Rouenneries collection of fabric and the pattern used for quilting was a special design. I scanned the fabric showing the birds and dragonflies and foliage to a designer and she digitized a pattern of foliage and birds to enhance the designs of the quilt. Wonderful fabric line, wonderful quilt!

The backing on the quilt.
The thread used on this quilt was the color Ficelle, a grayish white thread.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Karyl's Bright Fish Quilt

Karyl made this delightful quilt and can't you just imagine it draped over the back of the couch or covering a child's bed? A wonderful cheerful quilt! And if you think this one is bright, just wait for the next one that I'm almost done quilting!
The quilt pattern is called Jacobean Pano and it is flowers and swirls.

Little fish swim all over this bright quilt!

The quilt was quilted with Praline Pink thread.
The pictures below are of the backing of this quilt. With all this piecing, she has a 2 for 1 quilt!

Janice's Log Cabin Quilt

Janice has made another large lovely quilt that suggests a soft summer quilt. Great job, Janice!
Janice chose the quilting pattern called Littleleaves and Baccarat Green thread.

Peach and green make up with feminine quilt. Janice buys the quilt kits pre-cut so all she has to do is sew the pieces together, a quick and easy on the hands way of doing it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Taylor's 2010 Otoe County Fair 4-H Quilt

Taylor did an excellent piecing job on this quilt and hopefully it will win her another ribbon at the county fair! Good luck!
This bright colorful quilt is to be an entry in this coming Otoe County Fair in the 4-H group!

Taylor chose the Navejo Pano pattern and Spring Green quilt thread for her bed size quilt.

A Quilt for Lois's Great Grand Baby

This cute little quilt will be the perfect gift for that long awaited first great grand child!
Lois bought the cute baby panel and I added gingham flannel borders for a soft cozy quilt.

The quilt was quilted with the Sleepytime quilting pattern and Sunlight colored thread.

The quilt label says it all.

Betty's Baby Quilt

Betty put this together for a friend. It was made with a charm pack of 5" squares and done in a really pleasing way!
A soft looking baby quilt, so soothing and restful for a little baby!

The Simply Roses quilt pattern really shows up in white on the soft minkee backing.

Jane's Fall Wedding Quilt

Jane made this quilt for a wedding gift for a friend, won't that be a wonderful gift!
Jane did a wonderful piecing job on this quilt!

The entire top made with an autumn fabric by Debbie Mumm. Just makes you wish for cool fall weather and pumpkin pies.

The quilt backing showing the Grains of Wheat quilt pattern. It was quilted in Sage green.

Due South Flying Geese for Carol!

Love geese and stars? This is the pattern and very well made by Carol. An incredible quilt!
Such precision in piecing!

This was quilted with Marron Glace thread (brownish) and the Sticky Buns pattern.

Carol's Pastel Baby Quilt

Some little girl will love this cute quilt made by Carol. It has the Baby Comforts quilt pattern done in Mimosa thread. A wonderful quilt!
The borders are so cute, too!

This backing is WAY Cute! Buttons galore!

Carol's Bright Small Quilt

Carol put this cute small quilt together and I'm sure some little child will love it!

A really cute center panel!

Here you see the crown and scepter (with a star on the end of it). The quilt pattern is Princess Magic. It was quilted with Lilac thread.

The cute backing on the quilt.

Carol's Maple Leaf Quilt

Can Fall be coming soon? This makes you think of cooler days to come! It's quilted with Dark Orange Flame thread.
Carol made this cute little Maple Leaf table topper!

The backing on the quilt. It really shows the Maple Leaf quilting.

Vickie and Lucille's Collaboration

This magnificent quilt was pieced by Lucille (the blocks) and set by Vickie, her daughter. Now that's a quick(?) way of getting a quilt done!
The quilt pattern used is Swirling Chestnuts, a very favorite one of mine that is so appealing for an overall design. The thread is Olive Brown.

Here are her triangle borders used in the on point setting.
The quilt name is Scrap Happy.

This nice olive green backing really contrasted nicely with the Olive Brown thread.