Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Betty's Hungry Caterpillar Quilt

Betty pulled all these fabrics together and added the Hungry Caterpillar fabric line to make this delightful quilt. She's going to add the book  along with the quilt to make a great gift!

Bugs Pano 003 was the quilting pattern.

Ripe Banana was the thread used.

Bugs are quilted all over this quilt and they appear here and there.

Some fun fabrics!

The backing just crawling with insects!

Betty's Big Block Quilt

Betty was using up her fabric scraps when she made this large quilt! Nicely done!

Antique Gold thread was used.

Haven B2B was the quilting pattern.

The big border fabric.

A lot of prints went into this quilt!
The backing which really shows the quilting.

Amy's Mom's Jelly Roll Quilt

Amy made this very bright jelly roll quilt for her mother. A quick quilt to make and very striking!

ELC5014 was the quilting pattern, sort of a meandering flower type of pattern.

And she was thrilled to be able to use the infamous Pirate Green thread on it!! That color is so underrated!

The borders with all the colors!

The brilliant green backing!

Amy's Florida Quilt

Amy collected these fabrics in Florida a while back and now has finished this quilt which makes her reminisce about visiting her aunt and watching the ocean waves. A great quilt for the memories!

Rough Surf was the quilting pattern.

Complete with flamingos!

Radiant Turquoise thread was used.

Vivid colors and prints make this a very nice quilt! Great job!

And the swirling water in waves splashes all over the backing!

Dee's Quilt for the Children of Fallen Soldiers

Dee made this for the Lincoln Quilt Guild who asked the guild members to donate quilts for children of Fallen Soldiers as there was the need for quilts for young boys. Some boy will really appreciate this quilt! Great job!

Gold Green thread was used to quilt this quilt.

A simple Meander quilting pattern was quilted on this quilt.

The backing fabric.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Betty's Bass Quilt

Betty embroidered these blocks of bass fish and then set the blocks to make this wonderful quilt! Her precision back stitches make the embroideries perfectly done! She made it for their RV that they travel in to various locations to do what they like best to do, and that is FISH!

White thread was used on the quilt.

Even a dragonfly!

Fancy Fish was the quilting pattern.

The backing fabric that really shows the fish pattern.

Nicely done!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cindy's Snowflake Table Runner

Cindy put this runner together with wool applique snowflakes! Very nice!

Invisible thread was used so it was sort of a sparkle effect on the top.

Snowflake Simple Pano 003 was the quilting pattern.

Ready for the season to come! Nice!

The backing done with black thread.

Cindy's Reindeer Christmas Quilt

Cindy made this small quilt with more fusible appliqued pieces and some added Rick Rack! Remember, she is a beginner quilter...who is going great guns with nothing stopping her! LOL!

The center of the quilt.

The trees in the border.

The reindeer corners.

Pine Tree Meander E2E was the quilting pattern quilted with Green Gold thread.

The red backing!

Cindy's Halloween Table Runner #2

And here is another Halloween runner made just like the other one but for her other daughter and the backing is different. She will have 2 very happy daughters!

Fisherman Red thread.

Halloween Night 004 pattern.

The backing.