Saturday, January 31, 2015

Donna Finally Got her Dishes Done Quilt

Donna bought this little quilt kit and I mean little, 21 1/2 " by 25"! So you can imagine the size of those pieces and look how many there are! Insane! But she got it done with my coaxing her along to get her dishes done! :)

Broken Dishes is the real name of the quilt and it is perfectly done! A great achievement!

Very small Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern.

Grey thread was used.

The wonderful backing fabric! Yes!

Sarah's It's A Puzzle Quilt

I love this quilt with it's dusty roses and soothing blues and grays. Sarah made this quilt and it reminds me of old timey quilts. 

A sampler quilt at it's best.

Praline Pink was the thread used.

Denali was the quilting pattern used.

The wide borders.

The prints are so wonderful!

A great large bed quilt!

The backing.

Sarah's December Daze quilt

This was a mystery quilt that Sarah participated in several years ago ,but it's no mystery now that it's done!

I love these prints and specially this border fabric, isn't it nice?

Antique  Gold was the thread used.

Twining pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Great little quilt!

The backing fabric.

Sarah's Gridlock Quilt

Sarah made this quilt called Gridlock! 

Reminds me of a fall table cloth or picnic table cloth, how neat!

Burnt Amber was the thread choice.

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern.

Nice fabric line, too.

Wonderful backing fabric with even a row of blocks going across it.

Sarah's Folk Art Stars Quilt

Sarah made this quilt and it has all the ingredients of nice things, flannel, stars and cats! What more could you want?

March Bloom was the quilting pattern.

Pigskin was the thread used.

Very nice!

The flannel backing!

Harrison's Quilt

Sarah made this quilt for her grandson, Harrison.  A very bright quilt with so much to see and learn.
Nicely machine appliqued alphabet letters complete the quilt! Well done!

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern.

Grey thread was used.

Check out this border fabric!

All the way to Z.

The the bus backing! How cute!

Bernice's Kitty Quilt

Bernice made this kitty quilt with all these cats with slightly different attitudes, Just look at their faces! Nicely appliqued faces and then of course the mouse!

Camel thread was used on this quilt.

Cat and Mouse Pano was the quilting pattern.

This will make some little baby so happy!

A great collection of fabrics.

And the mouse!

The borders.

The backing which really shows the quilt pattern.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Donna's Paducah Runner

Pink and Green, a great combo with delicate pink prints and you have a great runner! Donna bought the kit and the fabric is "Dogwood Trail" benefiting Paducah's National Quilt Museum's 20th anniversary. So she made it in remembrance of her Faded Blossoms quilt group trip to Paducah celebrating their 10 years together.

Light Hot Pink was the thread used.

Dogwood Panto was the quilting pattern used.

Nice small pinwheels make up the corner.

The lighting isn't good, but the backing is a light pink!