Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Donna's World Clocks Quilt

Now here is another quilt made with Tim Holtz fabrics with a lighter appearance. But they, too, are amazing fabrics!

Donna pieced this one and of course I have the kit also waiting in line like all the rest, LOL! 

The fabrics give the quilt a vintage look and Donna chose the Sticky Buns pattern for the quilting on this one.

Goose was the thread choice on this  quilt.

Get a closer look again at all these fabrics by clicking on the picture!

Nicely pieced and what a great quilt!

The backing.

Donna's Variable Star Quilt

Boy, do I love this quilt! I even have the kit to make this quilt, waiting and waiting in line....but Donna got her quilt done and it is amazing! Made with the intricate designs by Tim Holtz. You can look at this quilt for hours and never see all the things in his designs. And this is a large quilt, 90X 90 and worth every hour that it took to make it! LOL! 

KAL Swirl Pano 001 SQ was the quilt pattern that she chose.

Doesn't everybody love star quilts???!!!!

Mother Goose was the thread color on this quilt.

Click on the pictures to get a closer look.

There are butterflies, clocks, cancellation stamps, tape measures, you name it and you can probably find it in these prints.

And of course expertly pieced!

And this red border fabric just sets it off!

Didn't I tell you this is a great quilt!!???

I better get mine started.........

The wonderful backing that she found to use.

Penny's Spring Quilt

Debbie made this quilt for her granddaughter, Penny. So bright, and looks like spring to me! She is going to love this quilt!

Butterfly Flower Pano 004 was the quilting pattern.

Plum Blossom thread was used for the thread.
The black sashing around the blocks just make them stand out, very nice!

The borders, so darn cute and perfect for this quilt!

The fun confetti backing!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Laura's Bear Quilt

Laura made this quilt using block patterns from the Block Magic quilt book. There's a bit of everything on this quilt!

Birds, bears and a basket!

Bear Bear Pano SQ was the quilting pattern.

Redstone was the thread color.

Even a house!

The borders.


Bird houses.

A star in each corner.

The sheet backing.

Mickey Mouse CASA Quilt #3

And yes, they made a third one! Great work! Actually all 3 were made out a one layer cake!

The same Cheryl's Mouse Pano 001 for the quilting pattern.

Grey thread on this one.

Same grey dots!

Same wonderful backing!

Mickey Mouse CASA Quilt #2

And they made another one, but this was a bit larger.

The same Cheryl's Mouse Pano 01 pattern was used.

Cranberry was the thread color on this one.

A lot of mice!

The read dotted border on this one.

Nicely done!

The backing!

Mickey Mouse CASA Quilt #1

The Dynamic Duo, Karyl and Barb, get together for sew days and they make quilts to be given to CASA. This little number is covered with Mickey Mouse fabrics, so cute!

Cheryl's Mouse Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Grey was the thread color.

Some little child will love this quilt!

The dotted borders on the quilt.

The backing on the quilt!