Thursday, August 30, 2012

Judy's Purple Whirlpool Quilt

Judy has constructed this king size quilt for her daughter and son-in-law. The fabrics are superb and the design is very interesting! She has done a wonderful job on the masterpiece!
It's a combination of a snails trail and a log cabin block of sorts.

Blueberry thread was used on the quilt.

The piano key borders.

More inner borders.

The quilting pattern was called Berry Vine Park.

The corner sections.

The scrumptious flannel backing that is to die for, I'm not kidding!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Monkey Quilts for the Twins!

If you are the proud grandmother of twins, you are destined to make monkey quilts for them, or rather YOU SHOULD make monkey quilts if you have twin grandchildren! They are the cutest and so soft and flannel can't be beat, you know! Doreen has made several quilts for her  Canadian grandsons, Henry and Nathaniel, and they will love these two! This one is for Nathaniel.

Blue Jay thread was used.

Whimsical Hearts was the quilting pattern used on both of the quilts.

This one is for Henry.

Henry's has the bananas with the red background and Nathaniel has the bananas with the white background.

I believe they will stay with grandma so there are special quilts when the boys come to visit.

Monkeys everywhere!

The backing fabric on both of the quilts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We call them Educational Quilts! LOL!

My husband found these quilt panels so I quilted them. Now we probably won't get lost!

I put the quilting pattern Ride Into the Sunset #7 on this one.

Covered wagons, cowboy boots, all things western.

I used Sunlight thread on this one.

Hot Air Balloon quilting pattern, what better way to see the world??

Blue Heaven thread on this one.

Of course I did notice the date on this panel was 1998, so the map may not be entirely accurate! But then again, we will just skip those countries that keep changing their names or borders! Ha!

Backing of the quilts.

Linda's Mystery Quilt

Linda retired! And her co-workers gave her a gift certificate to a quilt shop for her retirement! And she bought the fabric and made this beautiful Mystery Quilt! Now, I would call that a GREAT Retirement gift! 

The quilting pattern is called Pearl Flower Vine.

Camel thread was used.

The wonderful quilt backing!

Check out Rach-ology for more fun!

3rd Semester Handmade U is coming!

The third semester of Handmade U is about to start and there are a few more openings! Check out the blog to find out how you can be a part of it! Just click on the link above!  I will be a sponsor again with a special door prize and if you like crafting with paper, pen, journaling, etc., this is a good place to learn new things or just to begin! It's the artsy crafting event to attend in Omaha!

Monday, August 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Quilt

Carrie brought me three small quilts this morning and here is the first one!

Nice Christmas panel!

Meandering Loops was used on the quilt. Ficelle thread was used.

The borders.

The soft flannel Christmasy print!

Quilts for Maggie and Mia

Here are the other two quilts that Carrie brought this morning. This one is for little Maggie!

Butterflies and Flowers is the quilting pattern.

Sunlight thread was used.

Such wonderful patches of floral and butterfly fabric!

Soft yellow minkie shows the butterfly and flower pattern.

This is for baby Mia, only a week old!

Pinwheels and polka dots, can't get any better than with that combo!

Light Pink was the thread used.

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern.

Once again, soft pink minkie was used for the backing.