Friday, December 31, 2010

Buffalo Bill Quilt

We ran across this cozy fleece panel a few months ago and I just put it together with warm and natural batting and a nice flannel backing and it sure is nice for a throw on the couch!

The flannel backing of the quilt. A simple meander was used to quilt this.


Well, this wraps up another year of not getting enough projects finished or started(??) and with hopes of the next year that things get done as they should. I am setting a new year's resolution right here in print. Just remember, resolutions are meant to be broken, right?
Projects of the coming year:
Civil War Quilt Block of the Month...not yet started.
Farmer's Wife block done.
Le Jardin Block of the Month...not yet started.
Crab-Apple Hill Flight of Fancy Quilt, some blocks traced and ready to embroider, but none done.
One Vine Day, yeah, right.......
2 years ago quilt group project, need to make one block and set them hard is that?
Download the Inklingo set that I ordered and print on fabric to make a feathered star quilt...hmmmm......
KEEP UP with my blog and website! I have so many new patterns not on the website yet, takes a huge amount of time to download them. Perhaps I will update every 2 months due to the fact that I can't seem to get the new ones on there each month...I will try to do a better job!
Finish my quilted living room curtains! That is one thing I need to do and should be doing now. I bought 8 panels of 84" by 42" and I am quilting them to hang in my living room. One done, 7 to go....the problem is they have to be pressed first!!! But they will give a nice warm texture to the place!
Let's just hope that these projects aren't on my post for next new year's eve!
Stay warm!

Gerry's Flannel Couch Quilt.

This is the quilt that I worked on and pieced during our quilt group's day of sewing at the Minglewood Lodge. I finally got around to quilting it with leaves and acorns and gave it to my husband for Christmas!

The quilt's backing fabric.

Gifts for Christmas that really got done!

This Christmas horse quilt was made at the request of my youngest granddaughter, Allie. She had seen one on my website which was made by one of my customers and really wanted one just like it, so I found the panels and made one for her for Christmas.
The center of the quilt.
Part of the center panel.
A border showing the horse shoes and horses in the quilting pattern. Quilted with Fox thread.
Backing of the horse quilt.

I found the pattern called Smitten with Mittens and was on the verge of making it, as it has little snowmen coming out of the cuffs of the mittens, but then I decided to put my grand cats in the mittens instead. I hand button hole stitched the mittens down with wool thread and machine appliqued the cat's heads with invisible thread (don't look too closely), and renamed the quilt, Smitten with Kittens. My daughter thought it was a good idea, too!



Backing to the Smitten with Kittens quilt.

I wasn't really looking for any cat fabric, but this Debbie Mumm piece of fleece was on a huge sale and I knew my daughter would just need (ha) another quilt with cats associated with it, so I bought 2 1/2 yards, put in warm and natural batting and that flannel backing, bound it with the flannel stripe and it is so warm and snugly that the 4 quilt magnets (her cats) approved of it immediately as did my daughter. I just did a simple meander with an off white thread and now I'm on a mission with this nice soft fleece. No piecing, no measuring, just load it and quilt it and bind it and there you go!

Notice how the backing matches the border stripes on this fleece? It was calling my name!
I've had this piece of flannel for years and was just waiting for the right quilt to use it up and I found it! Soft, soft , soft......

No, this is not me, it's Harry, but I felt like this the entire last week so the reason of late posting of so many quilts! Next week should be better!

Judy's Off the Cuff Quilt

Judy made this quilt for her son-in-law, Jeff, for Christmas. It is constructed of his shirts that he previously had worn. She added buttons here and there to complete the quilt. A nice cuddle on the couch quilt for him! She rightly named it the "Off the Cuff" quilt!

Meander in sage green thread were the choices for this quilt.

Terri's Country Living Wall Hanging

Terri bought this kit from Country Living magazine as they had put it together to commemorate their 30th anniversary. It certainly is a wonderful wall hanging. So many pieces and expertly put together! Great accomplishment!
Wonderful colors and fabrics!
Quilted with the Sticky Buns pattern in Fox thread.

These show the stars in the border along with the other borders.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mystery Quilt is Revealed!

This is the Mystery quilt that I constructed at our quilt retreat in October. I bought a jelly roll and matching fabrics for the settings and the backing. I have had it quilted for some time, but now just finally got the binding done. I used Fisherman Red thread and the Winterberry quilting pattern. One done for me! Yippee!

The border and binding fabrics.
The turquoise backing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Marge's Tinkerbell Quilt

Marge made this adorable quilt for her little granddaughter! Won't she just love it? Way cute!
A view of the center panel.

One of the side blocks.

The side borders complete with Peter Pan, Wendy and the boys.

The border fabric showing more Tinkerbells.

The solid backing really shows Tinkerbell.
Quilted in Baccarat Green thread.

Mary's Wizard of Oz Quilt

Mary made this quilt for a friend's granddaughter. This is yet again another set of Wizard of Oz fabric that gives a whole new look. She picked Lavender thread which turned blue on the blue and lavender on the pinks and lavender spaces. Very nicely pieced and a great quilt! With the minkee on the back, I'm sure she will love this quilt!
The center of the quilt.

A tornado shown in the blocks.
A bicycle stitched in the border.
The backing of the quilt, a very soft minkee with tiny star designs.