Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hallie's T-Shirt Quilt

Vickie pieced this t-shirt quilt for her daughter, Hallie. A great representation of her high school years!

A simple meander quilting pattern was used.

Black thread was used.

The backing fabric.

A Quilt for another Heather!

Feast your eyes on this quilt! Expertly pieced by Lisa for her daughter, Heather.
Wouldn't you love to be Heather!

Lisa chose the Denali quilting pattern.

Gunmetal Grey was the thread color.

What a yummy quilt!

And the delicious backing!

Tiny piecing with those tiny stars!

Heather's T-shirt Quilt

Michelle pieced this t-shirt quilt for a cousin's daughter, Heather. It will be a great graduation quilt! Nicely done!

Shocking Pink thread was used.

A simple Meander quilting was used.

Heather will love this quilt!

The backing.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Logan's Quilt

Grandma Mary put this quilt together for her grandson, Logan.

We had the quilting pattern made with basketballs, soccer balls and his name!

Red thread was used.

I know Logan's going to LOVE this quilt!

The backing was black.

Barb's Basket Quilt

Barb pieced this magnificent basket quilt which is called Rachel's Basket Quilt.
A whole lot of piecing went into this quilt! Nice!

Light Pink was the thread color.

Basket pano was the quilting pattern.

The borders.

All the colored areas surrounding the center are log cabin blocks.

The backing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Richard's Quilt

This quilt was made out of Richard's shirts in his memory for his beloved wife and his sister.
Carrie pieced it for Christine who will undoubtedly cherish it.

The batik backing which was a wonderful match for the shirts.

The quilting pattern was called Amazing.

Green Gold thread was used.

Jody's Sticky Buns Quilt

Betty helped a friend, Jody, make her first quilt and this is the result! I think she will be very pleased with the outcome!

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern.

Vernon Blue was the thread color.

The backing.

A very happy quilt!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Helen's So Very Pink Quilt

Helen was working with pinks all over the place with this quilt!

She chose the Meandering Loops pattern, a very good overall.

Light Pink was the thread color.

Very spring looking, a contrast of the snow falling today!

I wonder if a grandchild is going to get this one??

And of course, a nice pink backing!