Friday, December 25, 2015

Allie's Whale Quilt

Well, at the last minute, after giving the snake quilt to my granddaughter, I found out that the snake had died and actually there were 2 snakes, Macaron and the second one was Macaroni. The first one managed to escape out of the aquarium and they never did find it in the house. She seems to think it made it outside, but who knows!! The second one was very young and it did not survive, so the Snake Quilt turned out to be a memory quilt. Meanwhile Allie saw the fleece quilt that I made her sister and was wondering where her fleece quilt we stopped at the fabric store and she picked out the whale fleece and I made the quilt for her the next day and she has it on her bed now. Whew!

Whale Pano 002 Sq was the quilting pattern.

Blue thread was used.

The zig-zag flannel backing!

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Early Christmas Present!!

My daughter and son-in-law found this machine at a flea market and knew it was the right gift for me!! Now the power can go out this winter and I can still sew!! LOL!  Just need to figure it out, a manual is ordered.

Minnesota machines were sold by Sears way back when and there is a lot of information out there on these vintage treadle machines. Mine seems to be in very good shape. 

Here are the parts to do all kinds of things, just need to get that manual. Even a ruffler. Anyone needing anything ruffled? See the bobbin with the purple thread on it? It fits in the shuttle for the bottom thread.

The inside of the drawer where the parts are kept and I have 5 bobbins in those small holes!

The treadle foot plate.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Allie's Snake Quilt

This snake quilt is for Allie, my other granddaughter. She has a pet snake, named Macaron who is a morph  ghost corn snake. I have not personally met the snake and really don't think I will, but here is a snake quilt for her to share with her pet or not! LOL!

Aboriginal Snakes Panto was the quilting pattern.

Grove green thread was used.

The borders.

The Australian fabric I found with snakes on it, of course!

Liz's UNL Quilt

I quilted this UNL fleece for my granddaughter, Liz. I hope it keeps her warm in her dorm!

UNL Football was the quilting pattern quilted in Red thread.

The flannel backing!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Baby Girl VanRoy's Quilt

Lin made this quilt for her soon to be born, granddaughter.

Counting Sheep E2E was the quilting pattern. There are numbers and sheep all over the quilt!

Violet thread was used.

The new baby girl will sleep softly on this quilt!

Nicely done, grandma!

The so very soft minkee backing!

Calvin's Quilt

Lynne also made a quilt for Calvin , Henry's brother so one will be bound in red and one in blue! Both boys will love them!

White thread was used.

Cracker Jacks was the quilting pattern.

Nicely done!

The backing!

Henry's Quilt

Lynne made this for a little boy named Henry and he will be thrilled to get it, I'm sure.

The quilt pattern is called Slice, It's a have of a log cabin type block with the other half a solid white triangle, how neat!

White thread was used for the quilting.

Cracker Jacks was the quilting pattern.

The white backing.

Andrea's Welcome Friends Quilt

Andrea put this quilt together with a center panel and the appliqued sunflowers! Nice!

Chinese Rust thread was used.

I love these flowers! Nice machine applique!

Meandering 2 was the quilting pattern.

Her appliqued fence!

The sparkle backing!

Andrea's Black Cat Crossing Quilt

Andrea put this small quilt together. It's a nice little Halloween quilt so she is ready for next season! 

Kitty Paws Overlay, Sq was the quilting pattern.

Black thread was used.


The backing.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Eleanora's Crib Quilt

This sweet little quilt was made by Peggy for her newest granddaughter, Eleanora! She had made another quilt for her when she was born, but this is a larger crib sized quilt. She will love it!

All done is 30's reproduction prints, it's so cute!

Quilted in white.

Little Hands and Feet Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Her cute borders and corners!

Perfect for a nursery!

The little feet backing!