Monday, January 31, 2011

Alyce's Bed Runner

This is the first bed runner that I have quilted! It's meant to be on the bottom of your bed on top of another quilt. Such a nice article to add to your cozy bed! It's about 84 inches long and 36 inches wide.
Alyce has chosen the Goose Down feather pattern in dark beige thread. A wonderful novel idea!

Susan's Fantastic Ohio Star Quilt!

Susan purchased this quilt as a kit, a KING size kit, and worked on it on and off for a year, but what a masterpiece! So many pieces, such nice Kansas Troubles fabric and it's done!
A circular flowing pattern was used for the quilting with Pigskin colored thread.

Susan's Mystery Quilt

Here is Susan's Mystery Quilt which she constructed at the fall retreat. She chose Power Purple thread and the Ginkgo quilt pattern. Nice Asian look to it! Good job!

Backing of the Mystery Quilt.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carisbrook Flood Quilt Project

I belong to the Statler Sisters Yahoo Group, although it's now Statler Siblings Group because there are male quilters out there, you know.....anyway, the Australian Statler ladies are asking the USA quilters of all kinds to donate blocks so they can put them together to give to this small town of 800 people who have all lost so much in the flooding!
I am one of 5 people who are collecting the blocks to mail to Australia.
Please take a moment to see if you can contribute to this grand idea to help so many people "down under".
The deadline to have the blocks to me is February 28th 2011.
Please use good quality fabric.
You will be making the Rail Fence blocks at a measurement of 12 1/2 inches.
You may send one block or as many as you would like.
ALSO accepting orphan blocks that you really just need to get out of your house because you'll never use them.
Make them in any color. One medium, one light and one dark strip. Optional idea is to put your name and city and state on the light strip. Use a micron pen or something that won't run.
Here is the link to the Rail Fence directions:

The block needs to be squared and measure 12 1/2 inches.

mail them to me at:

Sara Velder
4032 310th Street
Elmwood NE 68349

And please pass the word along to all your fellow quilters and friends!
Thank you so much!

Jackie's Star Quilt

Jackie wanted a star quilt for her bedroom wall and she brought me the fabrics and picked out the pattern and here it is! She chose the navy thread and a double flower design for the quilting.
The backing was bleached muslin.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mary's Civil War Reproduction Fabric Quilt

Mary put this wonderful quilt together in what I believe are several civil war reproduction fabrics. They are rich in color and the prints are really interesting. I used Sienna colored thread
and Mary chose the Sparkled Star for the quilting pattern. Then that soft cozy flannel on the back and this is a great quilt!

Oh so soft flannel backing of Mary's quilt.

Quilts for 2 Baby Boys!

This quilt was put together for Hunter Dean. It's the baby hands and feet pattern with his name within the design. This pattern can be made for anyone's name so if you have a baby in the future and know the name, I can quilt this same baby hands and feet pattern with your baby's name within the design (at no extra charge). I used Bermuda Blue thread.

Backing of Hunter's quilt.

This quilt was made for baby William Jason. The pattern is once again baby hands and feet but with William Jason written into the pattern. Quilted in Bermuda Blue Thread.

Backing of the quilt.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Darlene's Darling Baby Quilts!

The Jungle Quilt will be quite a surprise for the newborn! Darlene put this flannel panel together and it was quilted with Kitty paws that pass as any animal paws in the jungle and Spring Green thread. Nicely done!

Darlene put this cute ABC quilt together with a soft flannel backing. The quilt pattern was Sleepytime and the thread color was Sumac. The new baby will love the bright colors and pictures on this quilt!
Backing of the ABC quilt.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Swap Time!

Once again, I signed up for a holiday swap. this time there were 15 of us so I quilted out hearts using the Celtic Heart pattern and then cut them out, and button hole stitched the edges by hand with pearl cotton thread. Added a button and ribbon and there are my Valentines to swap! I suppose I need to find a white branch out in the snow covered yard for my valentine tree, perhaps by February I will be able to do that! Too much snow today 9-10 inches out there!

All wrapped up with a box of Conversation heart candy and some Krinkled Shred paper.

Lori's 4 Little Cute Quilts!

Lori, a new customer, brought these 4 delightful hand embroidered nursery rhyme quilts to me to quilt. This one was done in white with the pattern Hearts & Stars. What lucky babies to get one of these quilts! Well done!

My favorite block, look at those curls!

This solid green sashing one was quilted in white and the pattern used was Lucky Charms.

This one was quilted with white thread and used the Kids Toys quilting pattern.

Backing of the turquoise checkered one.

The pink checkered one was quilted in white thread and the quilting pattern used was Sleepytime.

The backing of the pink checkered quilt.