Friday, February 28, 2014

Lyndsey's T-shirt Quilt

Delores made this wonderful t-shirt quilt for her granddaughter, Lyndsey. Lyndsey is obviously a great fast pitch softball player according to the shirts! This is a great collection of shirts to preserve all the memories of the fun times that she had playing softball.

A simple meandering pattern was used on the quilt.

Fox thread was used.

Lyndsey is going to love this quilt!

Nicely pieced!

The purple and yellow borders.

The backing.

Vintage Quilt

I found this small old quilt in a antique shop the other day and brought it home, tossed it in our claw foot tub to soak away the grim, and these old tops do have grim in them, and gently squeezed out the water and rinsed it, air dried it a bit and pressed it and the quilt really brightened up! Most of the stains of oldness came out and then I bought some pink Kona for the backing, added a strip of feed sack green down the center of the back to make it large enough and there you have it!

I used a variety of feather designs to cover the quilt.

I used Light Hot Pink thread.

Some of the fabrics are 30's, but there are certainly 40's and a bit of 50's thrown in there, but they all seem to live well together so it is ok with me!

The backing. Now I just need to bind it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Betty's Butterfly Quilt

This quilt was originally tied by Betty's church ladies, so Betty bought it and took the ties out and had me quilt it. Sorry, the picture looks a bit strange as the quilt is just draped over my cutting table. Now she has a quilt and not a comforter!

This shows the yellow border and the butterfly quilting.

Sunlight yellow as the thread used.

The white backing fabric.

The borders and blocks.

Ernie's Quilt

Isn't this a great log cabin quilt? Dee made this for Ernie as she knew he would like a real handmade gift and what else do you get for a man who is hard to buy gifts for? I know he will love it!

Cabin in the Woods Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Fisherman Red was the thread used.

Very nice prints were used.

There are even some fabrics with Nebraska counties or towns on them. Click on the pictures to get a closer look.

A great gift!

The backing fabric.

Hudson's Quilt

Brenda is a grandmother for the second time and this little cute panel quilt is what she had me quilt for the newborn, Hudson. A soft snugly flannel! The quilting pattern was I Love It and the thread was Queens Turquoise.

She had me put Hudson's name on the quilt.

And also her signature "Gram B Loves Me"!

The cute backing fabric. I know Hudson will love this quilt!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Linda's Country Christmas Quilt

Linda made this Christmas quilt which was supposed to have a white background and red squares, but she said she isn't a" red and white" person so she used browns instead and calls this her "country" Christmas quilt.

She chose the Holly Simple pano 002 for the quilting pattern.

She chose Mulch thread color for the thread.

All things Christmas!

Ready now for the next season!

The backing.