Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Too many projects, not enough time!

Ok, the quilt retreat is just a couple of days away and I need to have something to work on for the two day event, hmmmm...... I should have a few UFO's to finish but then there are those new patterns and projects that would be great to start????? My daughter has provided many ideas of what I could work on for those two days but you know I have a few ideas of my own.

I have the Christmas quilt still sitting to finish from 3 years ago, the Halloween one from 2 years ago, last year's Oxbow Project still sitting there, and this year's project is together but not quilted. And then the kits! I have the WONDERFUL One Vine Day kit that is just waiting and waiting and I have a Christmas kit from 5 years ago? (What have I been doing all these years????) I think it is time to get all the projects out, write them down, prioritize them, make a list of what has been done on each and what needs to be done on each and then spend X amount of time on each of them each day and see what happens. I think this actually works, but unless I do it, I'll never know. Meanwhile, I really need to find something to take on Friday!!!!!!!!

Evelyn has her 2009 Oxbow Project completed!

Close up of a quilt block.
Evelyn has finished her project of this past year featuring red, white and blue fabric, very patriotic! She picked stars and loops for the quilting pattern quilted in white thread. Just a quick binding and it's done! Wonderful job, Evelyn!
Our quilt group decided to pick star quilt patterns and we each made our own version of the 12 patterns out of fabric of our own. They all have such a different look to them even though the patterns are the same. It will be fun to see them all finished!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cats are Quilt Magnets

Here is one of my grandcats, Magraw, who wants to jump on any quilt that is in sight. Well, with customers coming and going with their quilt projects, I end up having to put him in the laundry room if he's acting up. (NOT that my grandcat would do such a thing). But I had a scrap of batting and a scrap of green fabric and I placed them on the table and he jumped up and thinks he has his own quilt to plop down on now, so we are both happy now. He thinks he has one over me and I know he doesn't! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Quilt for a Long Time Railroader

Showing detail of the trains.

The front of the engine.

Railroad crossing signs.

The whole cloth quilt.
A friend of my husband has retired from BNSF and my husband wanted me to make him a quilt that was train related. So I just got some Burlington green fabric and started quilting this detailed train pattern. It took most of the day to quilt out, now I just need to bind it and make a label with his name and the dates that he worked at the railroad. Hope he likes it! Here's to you Jimmy!

And now a word about kittens.....

Do you ever wonder where all those kittens run to hide when you go out the door? Well, we found out that the last batch of kittens are really tree dwellers. We watch them go up and sometimes come tumbling down and there is NO FEAR of heights! They can be seen in the crook of a tree sleeping away. The breezes keep them cool and there is no fear of a coyote or mean cat or whatever is out there when they are high in the sky. Look close to see the little calico in the branches. Sometimes all 5 try to pile up on each other, but that doesn't always work and you definitely have to hold on to something! A couple of them have not learned to come down backwards and they come down head first and the last 10 feet where there aren't any branches seem to lend a hand in making them fly down in a heap, but they get back up in a flash!

Enjoy, cat lovers!

Judy's Asian Quilt

Close up of her quilt.
Detail showing the Asian Lily quilt pattern.

Judy has made another interesting Asian quilt. Her choice of colors is so nice and everything just blends together! I love how she has placed the flowers in the cornerstones and the pink sashing really adds to the whole quilt. I quilted with the rich color of sumac, a gold-green thread.

Karyl's ABC Baby Quilt.

Normally when I am telling you about a quilt, I show a picture, well....my fingers got going on my delete button and I lost a file of current pictures but the good thing is that they were already saved on my website so, please visit my website at www.acornridgequilting.com to see Karyl's ABC quilt. It is on page 98 of the customer quilt lists, just click on customerquilts and then page to the left and you will find the cute quilt. She whipped this together for a nephew's baby soon to come and what a lucky baby that will be! I quilted it with the Sticky Buns pattern, a favorite of mine with Mimosa (bright yellow) thread.
And while you are at it, look above on that page 98 to see more of Marie's quilts and also her other Pinwheel quilt on page 97. I will try hard to not delete these pictures again!

Marie's Getting them done!

Close up of one of the Pinwheel quilts.
This is one of 2 Pinwheel quilts that she has just recently finished.

Close up of one of the blocks on her Sampler Quilt.

Marie's Sampler Quilt. I used a new thread called Prune on it and it really looked nice. The pattern of quilting is called Tole Painting. She said she's using up all of her scraps of fabric and as another customer who looked at it said, "I wish I had scraps like that!" Wonderful blends of colors and you really should see this in person to appreciate the colors. These are just 3 of the many quilts that she is finishing up and I'd love to be the one to get one of these quilts for Christmas! She's now working on a flannel quilt, can't wait to see that one. That's on my list to do also, a nice flannel quilt for the winter to come, maybe two.

Marie's 30's Reproduction Sampler Quilt.
I used the Flower Swirls on this quilt also for that Old timey look.

Janice's Enchanted Forest Quilt

Close view of her quilt showing the sweet quilt pattern called Flower Swirls. This is an old timey quilt pattern that looks nice on tradional block quilts.
Here is Janice's latest quilt. She buys the quilt kits from a place I believe is in Vermont and they package the pattern, the backing, the front fabric, the batting and even the thread for your machine and enough fabric for the binding, all in one box. Makes life simple, but this was not a simple quilt to make, count the triangles! She had me quilt with Alpine Green thread in the Flower Swirl pattern. Doesn't it look nice?

Morgan's Bowling T-Shirt Quilt

Lois's daughter-in-law, Karla, made this huge t-shirt quilt out of all of Morgan's high school shirts that she has collected. Morgan was very active in bowling during her high school days and this quilt reflects all the tournaments and activities that she was a part of in school. A great way to preserve the fun memories of the past years. It measured roughly 102 X 102 and I told Morgan that once she is under the quilt, she better be in the position that she wants to be in because it is so heavy she won't be able to move around! I found a bowling quilt pattern to use on the quilt and quilted it in Slate Steel thread. A huge undertaking to make this quilt, but a fantastic outcome!

Linda's Oxbow Project for 2008

This is Linda's Oxbow Project for 2008. Each of us picked a block pattern and then we traded fabric and made our block out of each other's fabrics. Her black, white and offwhite fabrics made a stunning quilt! Notice the neat corner stone crosses between the blocks, nice detail!

Jean's Daughter's Birthday Quilt

This is the quilt that Jean constructed for her daughter's birthday. The picture doesn't do it justice because the fabric selections are so "right". She came upon this pattern in a Kansas quilt shop and made it larger for a bed size quilt. There is Jo Morton fabric involved, do I need to say more? Nice, nice quilt and I bet her daughter loved it!

Bonnie's Oxbow Project

Our quilt group does a project each year where we make the same blocks or we make blocks for each other or any other group quilt project we can think to do. This particular year the project was to make a block for each person with fall colored batik fabrics, any size, any pattern and this is what Bonnie did with those blocks. Isn't it wonderful? Each person in the group signed the blocks so that makes it even more special to remember who pieced which block and participated in the project. I failed to photograph the backing but it was a southwestern look with cactus and I quilted a cactus pattern with Fox colored thread. Great job, Bonnie!

Doreen J's Baby Quillts

Cute flannel baby quilts!
Doreen's Baby Bears quilt complete with yellow thread in of course the Maple Leaf pattern.

Close up of Doreen's Humpty Dumpty Quilt.

Doreen makes baby quilts for everybody she knows! I can't tell you how many I have quilted for her and you know what? She has a signature quilt pattern that she uses on each one so the recipient will always remember who gave her the quilt. It's the Maple Leaves pattern! Doreen is Canadian and she loves the Maple leaves. So if you ever see a baby quilt with Maple leaves on it, you can bet Doreen made the quilt!

Deanna's Summer Creation

Close up of Deanna's quilt.
This delightful bright quilt was made for Deanna's daughter, Anna. She found really nice dragonfly fabrics and I quilted a dragonfly pattern in a light Lilac thread. I bet this lucky little girl can't wait for this quilt to cover her bed!

Doreen S's Quilts

Here is Doreen's Sampler Quilt in blues and browns and pinks. I quilted a Flower Swirls on this sampler and used a Foliage Rose thread.
Another new customer of mine is Doreen S. She is just getting into quilting and is doing a great job of it! Here is her applique quilt that she finished after taking a class at her church in Omaha. I have quilted this same quilt for several other Omaha ladies who also participated in the class. The teacher of the class sure is doing a good job of showing this ladies how to put a quilt together because they have all been nicely done. They are done with fusible applique and then after I quilt them the owner of the quilt is applying buttons, or other embellishments to the finished quilt. Keep up the great work, Doreen!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christie's Creations

Here is her cute Table Topper! Done with Foliage Rose thread and a light rose pattern.
This is Christie's patriotic quilt, love the colors and her arrangement of fabrics! She won a certificate for quilting from me as well as a ribbon on a quilt for Best Bed Quilt that she had entered last year in the Otoe County Fair. She's done her share of quiltmaking! She choose Stars and Loops for the quilt pattern and I used Fox thread for the quilting. Great job!

Speaking of Rose Mary.....

Here again is another product by Rose Mary. She has made so many of these embroidered baby quilts that half the county probably has one! She does a great job and so much time is in each one that they are all wonderful quilts to have. This is the second one that she has made with this duck pattern as the other one she gave away and decided she liked it so much that she would make one for herself! Wonderful needlework!

Ruth's 2 Embroidered Rose Quilts

Aren't these wonderful quilts? I just love the embroidered quilts. I quilt right over the entire quilt and it just looks great. This one has a pattern called Carmen's Roses and the one above is Just Roses. Both were quilted in white thread in order to enhance the designs but not block them out. These remind me of Carol's quilts that I quilted last year that her mother-in-law had embroidered and never quilted. Check out my website and page through the early pages to see those incredible embroidered quilts. Rose Mary had set the blocks for Ruth and I am sure she was delighted to see these two finished! Someday I will get an embroidered quilt finished and quilted! On my to do list!

Linda's Holiday Quilts

These two pictures are of Linda's Easter quilt done in Sunlight thread with Rabbits in the quilting. She has some lucky grandchildren who I think will love these quilts.

Here is Linda's Halloween quilt getting us all in the mood for Fall and the holidays that are approaching faster that ever! Linda leaves the choice of pattern and thread color up to me so I used a new pattern that I have called Chestnut Swirls and it is one of those patterns that will look good on all quilts. It is a lot of quilting but with a great end product. I used Dark Orange Flame thread on it. Linda specializes in holiday quilts.

Lora's Quilt

The quilt above is the creation from a new customer of mine, Lora, who was recommended by her quilting friend Christie! Thanks, Christie! This quilt was made by using a jelly roll and she choose the pattern called Florence with Java Brown thread. A very easy going stunning quilt! She made this for a friend of the family who is going through cancer treatments. I know this quilt will certainly help the situation!

Melinda's Christmas Quilts

Here is Melinda's little Kitty Meow Quilt. She had me order some variegated black and red thread just for this quilt and it turned out really well. I think some child will love this quilt for Christmas!

She has also made another Christmas quilt for a granchild and this one must be a horse lover!

Hello Again!

Boy have I been busy! The quilting stacked up with that break I took for the Creative Studio classes. Plus it didn't help that I was having a 10% off the quilting charge sale in August for that made a few people decide to finish those quilt tops! I actually think that I just might have time to finish a few of my unfinished projects before my group's fall retreat! Can't wait for that , two days of nothing but sewing and sharing quilting ideas and such a great group of people, I believe there will be 43 of us this year, just hanging out and having fun in the wilderness, well sort of the wilderness...