Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gerry's Quilt

I decided that my husband needed a quilt for his birthday so here it is and it's covered with pheasants. Happy hunting!
The center panel on the quilt.
The quilt pattern is called Pheasants in Flight and I used Sumac thread.
View of the border fabric and one of the corner panels.
The bright back of the quilt.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Liz's Embroidered Baby Quilt

Liz's mother had started this little crib quilt but never finished it so Liz decided to finish the quilt and did a really nice job of it! Perhaps a lucky future grand child will receive it!
The center of the quilt.
The ABC blocks.

The train's coming down the tracks!
All her ducks in a row.
A cute cross stitched rocking horse.
The backing of the quilt is green flannel with white polka dots. A very soft cozy flannel.
The front was done on a pre-quilted fabric so we just added a heart quilting called I Love It to finish off the quilt.

Roberta's Baby Bear Quilt

Roberta embroidered this cute quilt for a gift for a baby due in November. It will really be a keepsake to that family. Great work, Grandma Bob!
This shows the butterfly pano pattern, quilted with white thread.

The lable on the quilt.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elmwood Murdock Volleyball Raffle Quilt

Deanna made this great quilt for the Elmwood Murdock High School as a raffle quilt to benefit the volleyball team. I'm sure there will be many many tickets sold for this quilt! Great work!
The quilt pattern was loops and volleyballs all over the quilt!

The quilt was quilted with Gunmetal Gray thread.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby Agulla's Quilt

Linda made this beautiful quilt for the soon to be born baby Agulla. I'm sure this will be a teasured keepsake!
Soft pastels and floral designs grace this pretty quilt.

This shows the Simple Roses quilt pattern quilted with Praline Pink thread.
The ruffled edge of the quilt.
The soft pink minkee backing.

Ava's Birthday Quilt

Linda made this cute little quilt with a ruffled edge for Ava for her birthday. With the soft minkee backing, she will sure like to snuggle with this quilt!
The bright quilt was quilted with the pattern called Sweet Hearts Simple and lilac thread.
The ruffled edge of the quilt.
Backing of quilt with the minkee fabric.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Callen with his GO BIG RED Quilt!

Remember that GO BIG RED baby quilt I made for baby Callen? I think he likes it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Barb's Table Cloth Quilt

This was a really neat idea. Barb brought over this table cloth that hadn't been used since the last time her whole family was together. It belonged to her parents so it is probably 30 or so years old. She wanted it quilted and picked a backing fabric to match. She looked over my patterns and decided on the roses with a tea cup and tea pot on it. I quilted with Dyed Natural thread and it is so neat! It is heavily quilted but with so much open space (it measures 64" X 98") it really turned out nice! So all I have to say is, go through your closets, your mother's closets, your salvation army stores and other thrift stores or antique nooks and crannies and find those table cloths and bring them over for a whole new life. I found 2 in my house that I just might make into quilts. You know, you can never have too many quilts!

A view of the backing, really shows the quilting pattern.

Allene's Hokey Pokey Quilt!

Allene pieced this small quilt and it's very nicely done! The batik colors are so pleasing together and it was artfully set together. Wonderful quilt!
The quilt was quilted with Fisherman Red thread and the quilting pattern is called Tapestry.

A close look at the quilting pattern.

Football Quilts for the Family!

This quilt was made for Kyle, a childhood friend of my daughter's, and his wife Monica. They are Nebraska football fans and also Dallas Cowboy fans! And now they have a new little football fan, baby Callen born in July. GO BIG RED! Footballs cover this quilt with black thread for the Nebraska football fans!
The backing of the lap quilt shows that they are Cowboy fans!

Footballs cover the quilt with black thread.
Here is the little flannel quilt for the baby.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Important Announcement!

Yesterday, August 4th, my website hosting company announced that they were closing down on Friday the 6th of August. That is giving me 2 days to find another website host and to get my website back up and running! Needless to say, my website will be down for a short time while I am building it back up under another host. I will still display all customer quilts on this site, however my quilting patterns will have to wait until I can get the website going again.

Keep checking back for my new and enhanced site which I believe will be easier to use and view without having to page through so many pages to find what you are looking for.

Also remember, if you at any time refer a new customer to me, you will receive a 10% off discount of the quilting cost of your next quilt!

Happy quilting!