Saturday, November 30, 2013

Derek's Quilt

I'm guessing  that Derek likes to hunt. Maybe I'm wrong, but Jane has made this quilt for him so there's some connection to wildlife!

Pick Up Sticks was the quilting pattern used.

Ginger Spice was the thread used.

The borders.

Nicely done! He'll love it!

The really neat backing fabric!

Jenna's Quilt

Jane pieced this bear paw pattern quilt for Jenna. It's full of butterflies and flowers!
Very Cute!

The quilting pattern was called Butterfly and Flowers, how appropriate!

Blue Jay thread was used.

The borders.

The backing fabric, very cheery!

Ronda's Quilt

Linda pieced this quilt for her daughter, Ronda. It was made entirely out of her exiting stash! No extra fabric needed!

The center block.

Ronda likes horses so Linda chose the quilting pattern called Kicking Up A Storm.

The borders.

Java Brown thread was used.

A lot of piecing went into this quilt!

The corner fan blocks.

The backing fabric.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Quilt for a Great-Grandbaby!

Great-grandmother to be, Kit, and great-grandfather to be, Dick, worked on this darling baby quilt for the expected birth in February of their first great-grandbaby!

Baby Block Pano 001 was the quilting pattern used.

White thread was used.

Wonderful embroidery!

This special little baby will love his quilt!

Complete with a wild zebra!

The soft flannel backing.

Pat's Quilt

Linda, with the help of her friend, Dee, made this quilt for her old college friend, Pat.
I know Pat must love cats!

Buntings, Kitties 001 was the quilting pattern.

Rail Grey thread was used.

The border.

The backing fabric.

Nikki's Quilt

Marcia made this quilt for her daughter-in-law, Nikki.
She will love this quilt!

Candlewick B2B was the quilting pattern used.

The borders. The backing is the same as the border.

An interesting star in the border.

Spring Green thread was used.

Very Nice!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sandra Kay's Quilt

Michelle put this little quilt together for an old college friend!

A simple Meander was the chosen pattern.

Complete with cow border fabric! It all says Nebraska!

Gunmetal thread was used.

The black backing fabric.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Owen's Quilt

Karyl pieced this quilt for her youngest grandson, Owen. Isn't it cute?
He'll be thinking he's swimming with the fish when he plays on this quilt!

The fun border!

Deep Blue Sea  001 was the quilting pattern.
Bermuda Blue was the thread used.

The backing fabric.

Alyce's Vintage Rouge Quilt

This is one gorgeous quilt!

This was a block of the month kit and Alyce did a magnificent job with the various blocks and all the different ways that the blocks went together! Just in time for the holiday season! WOW!

She chose an allover pattern called Deb's Feathers for the quilting pattern.

Mother Goose was the thread used.

A combination of applique and piecing in this quilt.

And a bit of embroidery!

The border fabric.

So VERY nice!

The backing fabric.