Monday, November 30, 2020

Mimi's Stars and Squares Quilt

Mimi pieced this beauty! Stars with a lot of color, great combination!
Stars Squares Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.
Variegated thread 9035 was used.

The white backing.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Dee's Coffee Quilt

Dee's new neighbor gave her a pile of fabric so she used some of that and her own to create this fun quilt!
Coffee Time Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.
Camel was the thread color.
The backing.

Kennetha's 2nd Row By Row Quilt

Kennetha had so much fun with the first Row by Row quilt that she made another one!
Pebbles E2e with Creek Bed as the thread color was again used on this quilt.
Two done!

 And this had the yellow satin for the backing, too.

Kennetha's Row By Row Quilt #1

Kennetha made this quilt along with members of her quilting group, several years ago. She has now finished it all up! Each member made rows of blocks and then traded them to each person making a quilt.

Pebbles E2E was the quilting pattern quilted with Creek Bed thread.
Great job!
The backing which is really a soft yellow satin type fabric.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Shannon's Christmas Gift

Alice had made a quilt similar to this for an auction to benefit the family of a fallen police officer.
Her daughter-in-law, Shannon, loved that quilt,  so Alice made this one for her for Christmas. 
Her son is an officer, too, and worked with the fallen officer, so this will be a special gift.

Brocade B2B was the quilting pattern, quilted with Black thread.

The backing.

Denise's Seasons Quilt

Denise pieced this quilt! I just love these fabrics! They are all Thimbleberries !
Each block is a design for the months, seasons, so pretty!
Flower Power Simple 2 E2E was the quilting pattern. New Gold was the thread color.
Nicely done, I love this!

 The backing.

Denise's Strip Christmas Quilt

Denise pieced this festive quilt, ready for the season!
Holly, Mistletoe, and Pine B2B was the quilting pattern. Grove was the thread color.
Great job!

 The backing.

Linda's Summer Camp Quilt

Isn't this colorful! Linda made this quilt and it has every color in it!!
Grey thread was used with the Modern Paisley Swirl Pano 002 sq pattern.
Nicely done!

 The backing. Wild thing!! :)

Lori's 3 yard Quilt #2

Here is the other baby quilt that Lori just made. Baby grands and nieces and nephews all over the place!
So cute! Again Sleepytime B2B was the quilting pattern with Silver thread.

 The backing.

Lori's Baby Quilt #1

This is the first 3 yard quilt that she made, so cute! It only takes a yard of 3 fabrics to make these sweet baby quilts! And Lori has it all under control with all the babies that she has coming along. 
Sleepytime B2b was the quilting pattern quilted with Cookie Dough thread color.
The backing.

Betty's Flag Quilt

Here's Betty's patriotic flag quilt!
Stars A Swirl E2E was the quilting pattern.
Quilted with White thread.
Beautiful quilt!
The backing.

Shelby's Christmas Gift Quilt

Shelby pieced this quilt to give for a Christmas gift! She's busy making more quilts for gifts, too!
Love Faith Meander was the quilting pattern.
Medium Grey was the thread color.

The recipient of this quilt will surely love it! Great job!

 The backing.