Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Cookies are done, where is everybody???

Squish cookies, nothing says Christmas cookies like the annual batch of squish cookies!
The power was off most of Christmas day so we bundled up with piles of quilts and ate cookies!
Sugar vanilla cookies with chocolate fudge frosting inside. They looked better when Martha made them, but they do taste good!

Well, it's the day after Christmas and the cookies are finally done! Of course the roads are still shut down due to the drifting but the power is back on!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sharon's Fuzzy Logic Quilt

A quilt for her son and daughter-in-law. I'm sure they will love this quilt!
The quilting pattern used was Retro Hearts. Sharon wanted the pattern stitched out as a large pattern. It has hearts and swirls. She chose Bright Clay for the thread.

Beautiful batiks make up this queen size quilt!

Lois's Great Grandbaby's Quilt

Lois has done a tremendous job on this quilt for her great grandson!
This center panel is all about airports and planes of all kinds. That baby will have many happy hours playing on this quilt!

Here you can see a car.

This quilt pattern has cars, bicycles, helicopters, sailboats, airplanes, all types of transportation.

Jane B's Snowmen Quilt

This quilt is a really nice Christmasy quilt, great quilt, Jane!
Here are some of the snowmen panels in the quilt, really cute!

The quilting pattern used was the Snow Bunnies pattern with snowmen and snowflakes. I used Copenhagen blue on this quilt.

Janice's Amish Angel Quilt

Janice brought this quilt to me and suggested an angel pattern and I used Bermuda Blue thread to really bring out the design on this Amish Quilt. Her daughter will be delighted to get this one!
This shows a close up of the angels and star pattern used on this quilt.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Linda's Twin Giraffe Quilts

Linda has made two of the same quilt but had me quilt one in green and one in pink! They both turned out really well and one is for her sister and one to keep. Great piecing and choice of colors! I wonder which one she will keep??? I need to suggest this idea of making two at a time and giving one to your sister, to my sister!
The green giraffe quilt was quilted with Seaweed colored thread and the giraffe pattern.

The pink giraffe quilt.
This shows more of the head of a giraffe.
This one was done with May Rose thread with the Giraffe pattern.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Minta's gift for her son! Great job!

Minta has made this wonderful wall hanging for her son's home. She chose the Christmas lights quilt pattern and I quilted it with white thread. I'm sure her son will cherish this each Christmas!
The Christmas gifts!

The gingerbread man with all his stitches!

Ruth's Christmas Quilts

Ruth has made 3 of these Christmas Cardinal panel quilts for gifts. She chose a holly wreath pattern for the quilting and the fox thread on 2 of the panels and mother goose thread on the other. The backings have a very busy cardinal fabric that looks so nice on these quilts. Great job, Ruth!
The brilliant cardinals!

Part of the Christmas Cardinals panel.

Cozy flannel always is a great gift!

Ruth has 2 flannel cozy north woods table toppers for gifts! She had me quilt the panels with the North Woods designs and the fox thread. Bears, trees, moose and a cabin are quilted on the fabric.

Great loon fabric! Ruth chose the Alpine green thread and the Inside Outside quilt pattern for her 2 Loon quilts.

Here is one of 2 Loon Quilt table toppers that Ruth has created for her gift list! Nice!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marie T's Sunflower Quilt

Just a binding and it will be done! A great quilt for the upcoming holidays!
A close up of the quilting pattern. Large sweeping lines leave soft spaces between the quilting.

A wonderful choice of fabrics!
Marie has finished a quilt for her sister's birthday and I just received it today and quilted it. She chose the "Florence" quilt pattern which really looks nice on the quilt and Egyptian Topaz thread, a bright gold. Your sister will love it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aunt Sharon's Postage Stamp Quilt

My aunt Sharon inherited this wonderful lap quilt from her neighbor. It was mostly hand pieced with one inch pieces of old vintage scraps of fabric of all colors and patterns. A wonderful keepsake from a dear neighbor!
I quilted this with a near white thread and used the "Sticky Buns" quilt pattern. An addition of red and blue borders finished the quilt.

Here is the finished postage stamp quilt that Sharon had acquired from her neighbor's family.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alyce's Christmas quilts are done!

The finished cat quilt for all cat lovers! I quilted the "Playful Kittens" pattern in black thread. Alyce's daughter will love this one!

Cute Cat Quilt!
The Christmas Santa Quilt. Great quilt for the holidays!

The Christmas panel with Christmas strings of lights in gold thread.

Here's a cheerful Christmas quilt!

She chose a mitten pattern and golden topaz thread.
This is the center section of one of Alyce's Christmas Quilts. Nice patchwork!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Marie gets ready for Winter!

Winter's coming, time to get those flannel quilts done! This has the "Garden" pattern of quilting on it and Fox colored thread.
There's nothing like a warm flannel quilt!

A close up of the quilting pattern. A wonderful quilt!

Marie has again made another paddlewheel quilt, using up that fabric stash but they are so nicely put together! She chose the Chiveblossom thread and the pattern was Grains of Wheat. The pattern is a very neat all over pattern and looks great on any quilt.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sister Jane's Batik Challenge Quilt

Here is Jane's quilt that I received in the mail today. I just finished it and I think I might be seeing more batik quilts from her after this one! Nice quilt!
She picked the Ginkgo pattern and Sumac thread for the quilting.

Jane's quilt group traded batik blocks and this is the way she set and finished her quilt.