Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Done with a few days to Spare!

With a couple days to go, I decided to finish this small quilt.  I found it earlier while looking through my stash and thought it needed to be done this year. A simple panel and an added border and cornerstones and it was ready to quilt.

The corners of the quilt with the spiderweb quilting pattern.

The border of the quilt. Cats in circles in the quilting.

The panel pictures, all crosshatched.

Black thread was used on this quilt.

The skeletons in the vertical sashings.

The favorite leaf pattern in the horizontal sashings.

The pumpkins side sashings.

Just needs the binding!

The backing of the quilt.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Joey's Double Wedding Ring!!

Well, she did it! Started in 1999 and now finished! I have projects older than that still unfinished, but the difference is, Joey finished it!!! YEAH!!!!

And isn't it beautiful??NICELY DONE!

The border.

The corner blocks of the quilt.

Custom quilted with a variety of block patterns.

Dyed Natural thread was used.

The back of the quilt. The sun distorts the color a bit but makes the quilting pop!

Muslin backing for the perfect backing!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Naomi's Quilt

Donna made this for a little girl who loves" Frozen" and especially the music. Naomi is going to LOVE this quilt!

Queens Turquoise was the thread used.

In The Moment was the quilting pattern.

The borders!
The minkee backing, so soft!

Emmet's Quilt

This little baby quilt was made by Donna for baby Emmet and it has all the buggy creatures! Bees, butterflies, lady bugs, and the caterpillars 

Colgrave Bug pano was the quilting pattern.

Keywest Lime was the thread used.

He will love finding all the little bugs on this quilt! So cute!

The buggy backing!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Alyce's Halloween Runner

Alyce had this panel in her stash and pulled it out and decided to get it quilted. Well, that isn't exactly how it happened, rather Mia, her cat, pulled it out as she knew that the season was near and wanted to see it quilted so she brought it to Alyce's attention that it need to be made! And it worked!

A lot going on in this panel, how cute! But it's done and ready for Halloween!

Egypt Topaz was the thread choice.

Pumpkins was the quilting pattern.

The backing.

Joan's Shirting Quilt

Here is Joan's second find at that tag sale and it is just as wonderful as the bow tie quilt!

A lot of plaids and stripes and blues, reds and whites with a few tans. So nice and hand pieced. Once again a bit fragile but makes a nice quilt!

Teal thread was used.

Denali was the quilting pattern.

I love this vintage quilt, too!

The backing.

Katie's T-Shirt Quilt

Wow! Kathy put this quilt together for Katie and it is one bright and beautiful quilt! She will absolutely love it!

A simple Meander was chosen for the quilting.

Grey thread was used.

A great story of  her high school days.

Obviously a track star!

And even the Bieber!!!

Kathy makes such neat t-shirt quilts with a combination of shirts and a blend of many different fabrics!

Finished and ready to go!

The backing.