Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Linda's New Fall Quilt

Linda finished her new quilt at the annual fall retreat and just in time as the season is here! It will be a nice cozy bright addition to her sofa and fall decor! Just the right colors! Nice!

The thread used was Peasant Beige.

The quilting pattern used was Leafsib3.

The borders of the quilt.

The gorgeous quilt backing!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lori's Blue Tip Star Quilt

Lori has put this wonderful quilt together! The colors are so perfect together and this is one that I hope she forgets to pick it up from me! :)

Such a neat quilt pattern with all the blue tipped stars!

The quilting pattern used was Blowing Leaves Sq.

The thread used was Dark Beige.

Wonderful blocks in patriotic prints and colors!

A corner block of her quilt.

The backing on the quilt.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stacey's Baby Quilt

Lori once again, stitched a nursery rhyme quilt. She is giving it to her niece, Stacey, who is expecting her first child in the very near future! I know she will absolutely LOVE this quilt!

The quilting pattern was called Baby Comforts 2005.

The quilting was done with white thread.

These blocks are too cute!!!!

The quilt backing, really showing the quilting pattern.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Carrie's New Quilt

Now isn't this a pretty looking fall quilt? I love these colors and this quilt pattern is just the thing with which to use these fabrics. Carrie has again come up with a very nice quilt. And to think it was just hanging on my door yesterday AM! Now look at it! Yeah!

This shows the quilting in the borders.

The quilting pattern was Retro Leaves to mimic the leaves in the fabric somewhat.

Fisherman red was used for the thread in the quilting.

The yummy chocolaty fabric on the back.

Joyce's Purple Tinkerbell Quilt

Joyce made this quilt for her daughter who obviously loves purple as much as Joyce does! And she loves Tinker Bell so of course there was no question as to the pattern to put on this quilt!
It's a huge quilt and it should fit a queen size bed and then some so I'm sure her daughter will cherish this quilt! Great job, Joyce!

The quilting pattern was Tinker Bell pano 001.

The thread color used was Toca Orchid.

The borders of the quilt.

Soft white cotton was used on the back of the quilt.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Browned Butter & Sour Cream Cornbread!

It's the season, you know, crisp nights and soups and stews and pot pies and CORNBREAD!
My sister-in-law sent this recipe to my sister and then my sister sent it to me and with the handy cast iron skillet, I baked this in no time and it is yummy!
Want the recipe? Comment on this post and I will send it along to you!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

James Patrick's Quilt

A neighbor informed us that he was about to become a grandfather for the very first time! His daughter was to have a baby boy this fall. However, we forgot the detail as to when the baby was to be coming into this world, so I put off making a quilt for him. Well, Friday I decided I better get going so I cut the quilt out and pieced it and got it set up to quilt and in the middle of the morning I was informed by my husband that he just found out that James Patrick had been born about 6 weeks ago! So I quilted it and got the binding on it yesterday and then we went searching for the grandpa,but he was out combining into the night. This morning we found him and presented the quilt to him to give to his little grandson! Good thing I started it yesterday!

The story of the airplane is, the grandpa is a crop duster and flys a plane that was manufactured for a veteran in 1976 and it is red white and blue with strips and stars all over it, so I chose fabric with the red white and blue theme to match his plane and of course had a plane pattern digitized. His grandson will always know who that quilt was from.

The planes flying all over the quilt.

The quilting pattern was plane pano 003, quilted with Mother Goose thread.

The tan and red borders.

You can see the plane flying through the clouds here.

Flannel backing on the quilt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bryn's Quilt

Annette had baby Bryn a couple of months ago and I hope that this keeps him warm in this upcoming winter season! I also hope he likes bunnies!

Buntings Bunnies is the name of the quilting pattern.

Vernon Blue thread was used.

The quilt backing.

Bev's Baby Pirate Quilt

Well, Shiver Me Timbers! I received this quilt in the mail and Bev's daughter wanted a Pirate quilt for her yet unborn baby, and boy or girl, it had to be a pirate quilt! Well, it is a boy and he'll love the pirate quilt (or perhaps there was a Johnny Depp influence?) :) Yo Ho Ho!

Bermuda Blue thread was used with the Pirates design.

The pieced center area showing all those fish and star fish and things sea.

The front borders.

View of the backing.

The borders on the backing complete with skeleton skull and crossbones.

The pirate ship backing!

Andrea's Trick or Treat Quilt

Here is yet again another cute Halloween panel that Andrea set together with borders to make a nice Halloween wall hanging! Her house should be all ready for those Trick or Treaters!

The quilting pattern was called Trick or Treat! Of course!

The center panel.

Red Orange was used for the thread color.

The borders.

Backing of the quilt.