Friday, January 29, 2016

Wyatt's Quilt

 Kim made this quilt for her little grandson. The quilt is based on a quilt that was in a Pottery Barn catalog. Kim drew out the blocks and put them together with the same colors in the original quilt. Great job!

Simple shapes were quilted in the blocks,

Platinum, Teal, Olive Drab, and Tangerine threads were used on the various blocks.

Even zig zags!

She even appliqued triangles on a few blocks!

A large quilt for a small boy to grow up with!

Very nice!

The backing.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Phee's Kid's Circle Quilt

Phee sent this to me to quilt and it is so cute!

All these little prints of dogs and cats and all kinds of animals! How fun is this?

Floral Waves B2B was the quilting pattern.

Dyed Natural thread was used.

Whoever gets this quilt will be so happy!

The soft snuggle of this minkee backing!

Diane's Purely Provence Quilt

Diane made this bright and beautiful quilt! The prints are so cheerful!

A whole lot of piecing in this one!

Elegant Paisley Pano 001 was the quilting pattern with Lemon thread!

The corner block.

The delicious border fabrics!

The lemon yellow backing which really shows the quilting pattern.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Renee's Carpenter Star Quilt

This is a stunning quilt! Anyone who knows me, knows I love star quilts, and this Carpenter's Star quilt is a winner! It's on my huge bucket list! Renee's mother made this for her and it is perfection! Renee told me that her mother has made quilts for a very long time and it shows!

Renee chose the Classy Curls Pano 003 for the quilting pattern.

Grey thread was used.

The red accents in the quilt just make the quilt!

Absolutely beautifully done!

The borders.
The backing of her quilt.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Susan's T-Shirt Quilt

This is the quilt that Patty pieced for Susan. Another wonderful way of making a t-shirt quilt!
ELC5014 was the quilting pattern.
Love the way she framed this shirt!

Each shirt was framed with just the right fabrics!

Waterloo thread was used on this quilt.

A lot of colors on the shirts but it makes an interesting quilt!

Great job! Susan will love it!

The border fabric.

The backing.

Susan's Mother's T-Shirt Quilt

Patty pieced this t-shirt quilt for the mother of her friend, Susan. It's so light and bright and looks like beaches and summer!

Bloomingdale B2B was the quilting pattern.

Blue Jay thread was used.

Her mother will love this, I'm sure!

The border and sashing fabric.

Nicely put together!

The blues have such a calming feel to them!


The backing which really shows the quilting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Irene's Front Porch Posey Quilt

Irene pieced and appliqued this quilt and there is a whole lot of time and wonderful effort in this quilt! Such nice applique and of course the yummy colors in the quilt. She had me custom quilt it with a twist of my arm.... but it is done! Whew!

Each border has a million leaves and berries, well maybe not, but it seemed like it! LOL! The background fabric was quilted with Janet's Swirl Pano 002.

Antique Gold thread was used on the entire quilt.

The leaves were quilted with several different veins. The flowers centers were quilted with a Spiral Center 001 and the flower pots around the center were quilted with 3262 Forget Me Knot.

The churn dash blocks were quilted with 3296 Forget Me Knot block patterns.

The center of the quilt.

I love the prints in this block!

Just needs the binding and she can check this one off her project list!