Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Carolyn's Bird Brain Snowman Quilt

Carolyn machine embroidered this cute set of snowmen and then set them to make a really nice quilt!

Snowflake Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Ficelle was the thread choice.

Take a look at all nice snowmen blocks!

Ready for winter!....But not yet!!!

The borders.

And Friendship Star cornerstones! Nice!

The backing really shows the snowflakes!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Britt's Quilt

Britt is the recipient of this year's quilt for the Rainbow Girls organization and  Laurie put this quilt together along with a contribution from everyone on the quilt!

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Britt loves dinosaurs so that was the theme of the quilt.

Barley thread was used.

Dinosaurs all over the quilt!

Dinos Parade Pano 002 was the quilting pattern.

Look at this block!

I think she will really like this quilt!

The back with the dinosaur foot prints!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doreen's Quilt from her Grandmother

Barb brought this quilt out to me to quilt. Her daughter's friend , Doreen, had the quilt that had been made by her grandmother but never quilted. So Barb did some repairs and I quilted it and I think Doreen will be very happy with it!

Sunbonnet Sue of course! All buttonhole stitched around them by hand.

Meandering Daisies was the quilting pattern.

Honey thread was used.

A great quilt to remember her grandmother by.

This really shows the quilting.

Great job, Barb for getting it ready to quilt!

Her grandmother even wrote her name on the quilt.

The floral backing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Karyl's Flower Stalls Quilt

The fabric in this quilt is amazing! Karyl made this quilt and she does work at a quilt shop so she sees these fine fabrics come along and makes such interesting quilts with what she finds.

I love the black and white funky sashing fabrics that she puts here and there.

Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern.

The deep rich colors just pop out in these fabrics!

Creek Bed was the thread choice.

Look at the colors in this quilt! Click on the pictures to get a closer look!


OK, all the pictures below are the back of the quilt! Can't get better than that!

It's a WOWSER!!

Roper Quilt

Dee works for a mortuary and when they transfer a person from a hospital, etc, to the funeral home, they cover the body bag with a flag if they were a military person, but if they aren't military then the body bag will be covered with this quilt for the transfer.  What a nice thing to do.

Chrysanthemum Swirl alt was the quilting pattern.

Oregano was the thread choice.

The borders.

This is the verse on the quilt. Click the picture to get a closer look and to read it.

Nicely done.

The backing fabric.