Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Quilt Show!

As you can see the Aldrich House is having a quilt show. My quilt group, the Oxbow Quilters, are loaning quilts for the show. Below are the quilts that I will take there to display.

A Christmas quilt made from a Strip Club pattern, the main quilt is done in strips.

A Mary Engelbreit  panel serves as the center of this holiday quilt.

A table runner of green and red.

Another panel quilt with Christmas borders.

Not Christmas, but this snowman quilt wanted in on the act.

This quilt was constructed at one of our retreats and it was a Mystery Quilt, so until it was done, we had no idea what the pattern would be.

A simple star for our coffee table at Christmas time.

St Nicholas and his helpers.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Payton's Quilt

Jan made this Stained Glass quilt for her granddaughter, Payton. And Payton LOVES purple, so purple it is, here and there. I know she will love this quilt to go with her purple bedroom! 

Power Purple was the thread used, of course!

Whimsical hearts was the quilting pattern.

The backing fabric, with purple!

Jan's Log Cabin Ginkgo Quilt

This quilt is gorgeous! Jan pieced it with Stonehenge fabrics and the ginkgo leaves are fantastic in the fabric.  It is huge and heavy and just delicious to the eye! Can't beat a classic log cabin design!

The quilting pattern used was Ginkgo pano 002.

Rail Grey thread was used.

This really looked nice on MY bed!

The very interesting background fabric! Perfect with the top!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Angie's Quilt

Marge pieced this quilt for her daughter, Angie. A graduate of UNL, she has been instrumental in starting the Illinoisans for UNL (the Cornhuskers fan club in Champaign-Tolono IL). Nicely done!

A whole lot of different UNL fabrics in this quilt!

Nebraska Huskers is the quilting pattern used.
Cranberry thread was used.

The backing fabric.

Matt's Graduation Quilt

Marge pieced this quilt for her son-in-law soon to graduate from law school at the University of Illinois at Champaign- Tolono Illinois.  A perfect gift and remembrance of the school.

Navigator Blue was the thread used.

The bright orange border!

The pattern is stars and U of I.

Congrats to Matt and Marge!

The backing fabric.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Holly's Graduation Quilt

Shirley pieced this quilt for her granddaughter, Holly. It is full of memories for her, as it was made of fabrics that had belonged to her great grandmother. A wonderful keepsake and a nice light quilt!

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern used.

Shocking Pink thread was used.

I'm sure Holly will love this quilt!

The very pink backing.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little Snowmen Quilt

This is a small quilt kit that I purchased last summer in Minnesota.

The light batiks have snowmen on them.

So I had to put snowflakes and snowmen as a quilting pattern on it. the pattern is called Snow Bunnies.

I used Light Sistine thread.

The backing fabric.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rachel's Birthday Table Cloth

Today is Rachel's birthday so I bought this retro table cloth, took the hem out, and quilted it.

Quilted with what else, Daisy Cupcake pattern.

The yellow backing really shows the cupcake pattern.

Goldenrod thread was used. Ready for a party?

Connie's Quilt

Connie decided she needed to make a quilt for herself because she is another person who makes them for everyone else, so this is her quilt! Very nice.

Dill is the thread used.

Connie loves maple leaves so the quilt pattern used was Maple leaves.

The border.

Very nice color collection!

The backing. Think spring!