Sunday, May 31, 2020

Anne's Scrap Quilt

Anne pieced this scrap quilt! Some fun prints in this quilt!

Jitterbug was the quilting pattern.

Sesame Seeds was the thread color.

Great job!

The backing.

Yui's Quilt

Susanna pieced all these geese to make a large quilt for her daughter's friend, Yui. 

Curved Flying Geese was the quilting pattern, quilted with Waterloo thread color.

Yui will love it! Great job!

The backing.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Mary's Singer Sewing Machine Quilt

Mary pieced this quilt using the Singer Sewing Machine fabrics!

They appear to be floating with the 3D effect.

Alex B2B was the quilting pattern, quilted with Sandbar thread.

Nicely done!!

The Singer backing.

Mary's Trip Around the World Quilt

This quilt made by Mary is AMAZING!! Each piece is a 1" finished square. It is truly in the category of WOWSER!!

A simple Meander was the quilting pattern, quilted with Black thread.

What a fantastic job of piecing!

Click on the pictures to get a closer look!

The fun backing.

Mary's Patriotic Star Quilt

This pretty star quilt was made by Mary! Ready for the 4th of July! Great job!

Americana 2018 E2E was the quilting pattern, quilted with Sesame Seeds thread color.

The backing.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Brady's Graduation Quilt

And Karyl has a grandchild graduating! This one is Brady's quilt!

Spiral Tri Pano 001 was the quilting pattern quilted with Gunmetal Grey thread.

Brady, too, will be happy to get this marvelous quilt!

The backing, a cool blue fabric!

Kelsi's Graduation Quilt

Karyl made this pretty quilt for Kelsi for her graduation! She's a family friend!

Goldilocks B2B was the quilting pattern.

Purpleicious was the thread color.

Kelsi will be so excited in getting this quilt! Great job!

I love this backing! Just perfect!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Mimi's Postcards from Sweden Quilt

Mimi pieced this bright quilt! WOW!

Modern Pano 001 5 was the quilting pattern. It looks like postcards flying across the quilt!

Variegated 9114 was the thread color.

The backing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kathy's Fall Quilt

Kathy made this incredible quilt! It has more triangles in it that I couldn't begin to count them! It's a very large quilt and has so many prints in it! Sort of an Ocean Waves variation I think. Fantastic!

Swirling B2B was the quilting pattern.

Oregano was the thread color.

A binding and it's done!

The backing.

Caroline's Granddaughter's Graduation Quilt

Believe it or not, this is a graduation quilt! Caroline made it for her granddaughter! She is one lucky girl! She is going to be thrilled to get this quilt! Amazing!!

Hard to see in these pictures, but the black border has hearts in it and the center of the quilt used the I Love It! quilting pattern. Caroline will do something else in the orange borders.

Th quilt is amazing with all those tiny pieces, I cannot imagine keeping them in the right order to sew them together!

Quilted with Black thread.

The backing!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Linda's Quilt of Valor Quilt

Linda's small quilt group made Quilts of Valor quilts and this is the one she made! She is giving it to a special person that she knows!

Stars a Swirl E2E was the quilting pattern in the center of the quilt. Two border patterns were  used on the borders.

Variegated thread was used on the borders and the center was done in Dyed Natural thread.

Nicely done! It will be loved!

The backing.