Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Zombies!

Well, I should be quilting as I have customer quilts waiting, but then a 10 year old (in one week) showed up for a few days and we happened to run into the book entitled " Zombie Felties" and she was so intrigued with the idea of these little animals as zombies (who doesn't like zombies?) so we bought the book and here go making a zombie duck and a zombie kitty. They even have a clip art coffin to copy onto card stock and fold and tape or glue to make perfect little beds for the zombie animals. I am ordered to make the next ones when the 10 year old goes home and to mail them to her as soon as I get them done. Those next in line are the Zombie Puppy, the Zombie Bunny and the Folklore Zombie. I sure can't wait to make more Zombies! :(

The duck with the bullets from the shooting range! What???!!!

The Zombie Duck.

The eyes sewed shut like all good Zombies have.

The Zombie Kitty in her coffin.

Terry's Take 5 Quilt

Terry pieced this nice fall (?) quilt and had me put an easy going quilt pattern on it. The red and browns are always a good way to go! Nice piecing and nice quilt!

The thread color was Fisherman Red.

The quilting pattern was Simple Feather Meandering.

The backing which really shows the quilting.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Terry's Fall Wall Hanging

Terry is way ahead of most of us, getting ready for Fall with this gem of a wall hanging! The colors are just right and it will look just gorgeous in her entry way. Great quilt!

The various blocks in the quilt.

The quilt pattern used was Sticky Buns, always a winner in my book! The thread color was Spice Brown.

The colorful borders!

The backing of the quilt.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kit's Over The River Quilt

Kit took the challenge of this fabulous quilt pattern and she certainly did a great job! Hours of work on the embroidery and piecing and then she chose the quilting pattern called Candied Ginger for her love of gingerbread men. This will add to her collection and it certainly personalized the quilt and people will know who made the quilt. Great job, be proud of this one!

The snow scenes neatly done!

The quilt was quilted with Dyed natural thread color.

The polka dot backing really shows the quilting pattern!

Diane's First Quilt

Diane did a block of the month quilt featuring a block for each month of the year. She had me set the blocks with 4 patches. The quilt pattern was Meandering Loops done is Dark Beige thread.

Here are several of the blocks that she made. Great job!

Katie's Baby Quilt

Katie made this beautiful baby quilt for her soon to be born little girl. She did a wonderful job in making this quilt and that will be one lucky baby!

The wonderful Amy Butler fabrics were used in this quilt.

The quilt pattern was called Sun Valley.

The thread color used was Seaweed.

The backing of the quilt, above and the two pictures below.

Martha's Quilt

Carrie put this cheery lap quilt together for her cousin, Martha, who is going through health issues. I'm sure this will be a very comforting and cozy quilt and it will help in the healing process. Great quilt, Carrie!

The quilting was done in white thread.

The quilting pattern, Meandering Loops really shows up on the backing.

The soft minkee backing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Janice's 2nd Sampler Quilt

Janice has put together another Sampler Quilt! It has all colors and all kinds of blocks. There was a "whole lotta sewing going on" with this quilt! It's a large bed quilt! Quite an accomplishment for her!

The thread color used was Zinnia.

The muslin backing shows the Meandering Loops quilting pattern.