Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Pippa's Sesame Street Quilt

This is for my granddaughter, Pippa. She LOVES Elmo and watches Sesame Street.
So of course I had quilted this with the Sesame Seeds thread color and did a simple Meander.
I am going to give it to her Friday and I know she will give me a big smile!
The backing just like the front!

Sandy's Over The River Quilt

Sandy took the Crabapple Hill Over the River pattern and turned it into a Christmas quilt! What a brilliant idea and what a spectacular quilt!
She placed the Christmas border prints in between her hand stitched panels and how cool is this??!!
The sashing strips provided another element of wow!
Snowflakes was the quilting pattern.
Natural was the thread color.
The side borders.

 The backing covered with snowflakes!

Mitzi's Wedding Quilt for her son

Mitzi made this quilt for her son and his soon to be wife for their upcoming wedding. They love the fall colors so this will just do the trick! This quilt is so colorful, my pictures don't do it justice!
Octagon Pano 003 was the quilting pattern.
Black thread was used on the quilt.
They will absolutely love this quilt! Great job!

 The backing which really pops with the quilting on it!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Missy's My Soul is Fed with Needle and Thread Quilt

Missy pieced this pretty quilt! She loves the multiple pieced blocks!
Variety B2B was the quilting pattern.
Camel thread was used.
Another Wowser for her stack of quilts!
The backing.

Sarah's Halloween Panel Quilts

Sarah brought these two panels and I had her sew them together in order to quilt them with the same pattern and same backing. She will simply cut them apart and have the two little panel quilts. So cute!!

Charlotte's Web was the quilting pattern quilted with Block thread.

Fun Halloween times coming her way!
The backing, although I have the picture upside down!

Linda's 9 Patch Quilt

Here is another quilt with such tiny 9 Patches! And so many of them! Linda pieced this quilt and it is amazing!
Daisy Vine Pano 002 was the quilting pattern quilted with Power Purple thread.
Wow, so cool!
The backing.

Linda's Watermelon Quilt

A slice of summer! Linda made this cute watermelon quilt, seeds and all!
A simple Meander was used on this quilt, quilted with Block thread.
Nicely done!
The great seed backing!

Gwen's Christmas Quilt

Connie constructed this quilt for her granddaughter, Gwen.
White thread was used.
Simple Feather Meandering was the quilting pattern.
Great job, she will love it!
The backing, so pretty!

Delores's Shenandoah Valley Quilt

This is an amazing quilt! So many pieces and Delores knows how to do it right!
Signature Holly B2B was the quilting pattern.
Dark Beige was the thread color.
Brilliantly done!

 The backing.

Allie's Batik Quilt

And one more quilt for now for Allie. A Batik quilt made out of a layer cake.
Love Birds B2B was the quilting [pattern.
Grey thread was used.
The backing!!


Allie's Other Christmas Quilt

I made this little quilt, too for her apartment.
Mitten Pano SQ was the quilting pattern.
Spearmint was the thread color.

 The backing, I love this fabric!