Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter Came Back!

The good thing was, it was all gone by the end of the day! The bad thing is, it's going to snow again today!

So pretty!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hope for Spring?

This is always a great sign! As long as the deer don't find them!
Tulips are peeking up.

The iris are slowly creeping through the soil.

Tiny blue flowers bloom here, although they are weeds.

Of course this little one can grow in any conditions and wouldn't you know it's already here and blooming! Perhaps a yard full of yellow flowers isn't that bad......?

Pansies all in a circle, hope snow doesn't cover them tonight!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Diane's UNL Football Quilt

Diane has made her version of a UNL Husker football quilt! She will be ready for the next season with this quilt! Very nicely done! Go Big Red!

The borders showing the footballs. The UNL Football quilting pattern was used with red thread.

The backing of the quilt.

Carisbrook Flood Project Continues

Hi, I am hoping that you are keeping up with the flood block collection in Australia. If you lost the blog site, here it is:

I have been contacted by a few people who still have blocks to send and while I have sent all boxes on their way, here is Wilma's address and you can send them to her directly.

Wilma Ladiges
P O Box 91
Carisbrook 3464

Read through her blog and look at the older posts also, it's very interesting to see all the blocks and how they are working with what was sent to them. Thanks again, to all that helped with this project with blocks and money for the postage.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Linda's Spring Quilt

Linda put these quilt bocks together that were made by members of one of her small quilt groups. Each member chose their own fabric and each made blocks out each other's fabric for the other members. This fabric is very springlike and cheery! A very relaxing quilt, nice!
Linda chose the Marigold quilting pattern.
Here is the lemon background. The thread color is greenette.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trent's Graduation Quilt

Janice put all 30 of these t-shirts together for her grandson's graduation quilt! It has blue flannel on the back. She chose a meander quilting pattern and mimosa thread. I'm sure he will love taking this to college this fall! Nicely done!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Norma's Spring Quilt

Here is Norma's latest quilt! She has made it for herself and it's such a bright quilt, ready for spring! The tiny flowers in the print are a melon color and that is the color of the thread she chose for the quilting. The quilt pattern is the ever popular, Sticky Buns! Nice quilt!

The bright borders!

The green backing fabric!

Molly's Quilt

Norma pieced this large quilt for her granddaughter, Molly. She chose the I Love It quilting pattern and the Mother Goose color of thread for me to quilt the pattern. I'm sure Molly will love receiving this quilt!

The borders.

Purple backing of the quilt.

Baby Urban Cowboy Quilt

There was a new little baby boy born a few days ago and his last name is Urban and his daddy is a bit of a cowboy so I made this little quit with the name Baby Urban Cowboy on it. Hope he likes it! If you like the baby hands and feet pattern, I can put any name in it to personalize it!
The hands and feet show here in lavendar thread.
Baby Urban Cowboy is quilted in the pattern here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jan's a Steve Kinser Fan!

This is Jan's first quilt and it is excellently done! She chose the meander quilting pattern and Greenette thread. The t-shirts are bright and the borders look great as those checkered flags at the races. She will treasure this one! And there is even a small space at the bottom of the quilt where she will have Steve Kinser sign it the next time she sees him at a race! Nicely done!

The checkered borders are just perfect for this quilt!

The wild backing that is a perfect match for color with the front t-shirts!

Monica's T-shirt Quilt

Tammie and Deanna put this quilt together for Monica's graduation. They chose a meander quilting pattern and black thread. I know Monica will be delighted to receive this quilt!