Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Monster Quilt

Sara warned me that she was making this monster quilt all of flannel fabric.  Then she informed me that she wanted  custom quilting on it. No problem! HA! It is a wonderful quilt!
Remember, you can click on the pictures to get a closer look at them.

Pine Wreaths were in some blocks.

Mother Goose thread was used on all of it.

Majestic pines designs were used in various places on it.

Majestic Pines block with cross hatch star points.

Cross hatch in other blocks.

A whole lot of different winterberry blocks were used.

Deer and pine cone borders were quilted.

The center star.

The majority of the quilt, it was hard to get the whole quilt in a picture!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hanna's Quilt

Carolyn cross stitched these fabulous tulip blocks and then her friend, Marthena,  set the blocks for her to make this impressive quilt! It will be a graduation present for her granddaughter, Hanna. 

White thread was used.

Brenda's Tulips was the quilting pattern used.

The borders.

Perfection with her cross stitch!
The backing fabric.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jane M's Jelly Roll Quilt

Jane received this fabric as a jelly roll as a Christmas present so she whipped this gem of a quilt up in no time!

Playful Paisley was the quilting pattern used.

The borders.

Greenette thread  was used.

The backing which is a dark brown even though this picture sure looks like it's purple!.

Jane's Blue & Yellow Quilt

With her fun collection of yellows and blues, Jane pieced this large quilt.  She  lined it with a delightful piano key border of all of her prints to make a very nice setting!

Some of the piano key border.

She picked the Needle Me Pano 001 for the quilting design.

Queens Turquoise was used  for the thread choice.

The backing

Nice prints!

Jane's Orange Veggie Quilt

And Jane has pieced another Veggie quilt, too cute!

Nice small border around the center panel.

Happy Vegetable Pano was again used on this quilt.

Bright Clay was the thread used on this quilt.

The backing.


Jane's Green Veggie Quilt

Is this cute or what? Jane has pieced this cute quilt with her stash and has done some mighty fine piecing with all those flying geese and half square triangles! Great job!

The borders.

The center Veggie panel.

Quilted in Keywest Lime with the Happy Vegetable Pano quilting pattern.

The backing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Catrina's Quilt

Krista pieced this fun quilt for Catrina. What a great gift to receive!
She will certainly be happy to get this quilt!

Mother Goose thread was used on this quilt.

Grandmother's Flowers was the quilting pattern used.

The borders.

The corner blocks.

The backing.