Saturday, February 29, 2020

Donna's Snow Globes Quilt

This is Donna's rendition of the Crab Apple Hill Snow Globes quilt pattern. She did a fantastic job of course!
Four of us made this quilt but each one was set with a different setting and even though all the embroidered blocks were the same, the fabrics were all different and the quilts all took on a look of their own. Lighting is not great here, the background fabric is white.

Click on the pictures to get a close look of her marvelous embroidery stitches.

The quilting pattern was Goldilocks B2B.

Flesh was the thread color.

She even embroidered our names on the Nice list!

The light blue fabric was a very soft flannel, a nice extra touch to the quilt.

Fantastic job!

The backing which is really a white fabric.

Joyce's 16 Patch Quilt

This is so cool! Joyce made this quilt for the CASA program. I love how the colors seem to float on the gray and white background.

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern. Quilted with Silver thread.

This quilt will make someone very happy!

The backing.

Another Veterans Quilt by Barb

Wow, a great red, white and blue quilt! Barb made this as a veterans quilt, too. It will be greatly appreciated!

I love this block design. 

Bright Periwinkle was the thread color.

Squares All Around 2 was the quilting pattern.

The backing.

Barb's Veterans Quilt

Barb made this quilt as a lap quilt for a veteran. I love this patriotic fabric! Nicely done!

Stars With Swirls SQ was the quilting pattern.

Dark Beige was the thread color.

The backing.

Karyl's CASA Sky Quilt

Look at all the colors in this quilt! Karyl pieced this quilt for the CASA program, too.

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern quilted with Light Sistine thread.


And the wonderful Grunge backing.

Karyl's CASA Cat Quilt

This quilt made by Karyl, will be loved by a CASA child. Love the cats!

Clockworks B2B was the quilting pattern.

Medium Grey thread was used. Great job!

The backing.

Peggy's 2020 Quilt of Valor Quilt

Peggy pieced this Quilt of Valor quilt. She used a lot of prints in the center.

I custom quilted the borders. Summer Sol Sash 001 and 002 were the quilting patterns in the borders. Quilted with variegated thread on the borders.

The center pattern was Stars In A Swirl quilted with Dyed Natural thread.

Such a great quilt, nicely done!

The backing.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Amy's Quilt

Mimi made this little cat quilt for her friend, Amy. She loves cats and teaches sign language at UNL.

Iloveu Pano 001 was the quilting pattern. It's hands and sign language.

White thread was used.

The backing.

Taylor's Quilt

Taylor, another childhood friend of Addison, made this quilt.

Butterfly Pano 001 was the quilting pattern, quilted with Fog thread color.

Great job, Taylor!

The backing. 

A Quilt for the Hestermanns

Megan made this quilt for the family of her childhood friend who died in 2012 of childhood cancer.

Simple Bfly Meander 001 was the quilting pattern.

Variegated 9005 was the thread color.

The borders on the quilt.

Her family will love this tribute!

The soft minky backing.