Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maya and Carl's Wedding Quilt

I put this quilt together for my niece, Maya, and her husband to be in less than a month, Carl. It's a variation of the pattern Turning Twenty. I quilted it with the quilting pattern called Whimsical Hearts and I used Blue Jay blue thread. I hope they like it and it keeps them warm in Seattle!

Backing of the quilt.

Wedding Quilt for Chicago Cubs Fans

All it takes is a piece of warm fuzzy fleece, a quilting pattern and a backing to make a great throw quilt for a baseball fan. What else would they want for their wedding? This one is going to Chicago this fall! Red thread was used and the pattern Go Cubs was used.

Red flannel backing makes for a very warm and cozy quilt.

Quilts of Valor # 3

Here is quilt # 3. It's an autograph quilt from a lot of people wishing all well and peace. The quilting pattern used on this one is called Stars and Strips and it was quilted with Ficelle colored thread.

Backing of the quilt.

Quilts of Valor #2

The second Quilt of Valor quilt brought to me to quilt. The pattern quilted on it was American heroes done in Yale Blue thread. A typical rail fence pattern coupled with the top star row at the top. Makes a very nice quilt!

The quilt backing.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quilts of Valor Quilt

The local collector and distributor "Queen of Quilts of Valor" brought over this quilt for me to quilt for her. I used Mother Goose thread and the quilting pattern is Where Eagles Dare. I have two more to quilt for her and they will be displayed soon at either the International Quilt Study Center or the Bernina Store in Lincoln.

The patriotic backing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Laurie's Rainbow Girls Quilt

Laurie has put this special quilt together for Heather whose term of office is done in her role in the Rainbow Girls organization. Other participants have signed their names and the great pictures will serve to remind Heather of the great years of leadership, education, and fun in this organization. I know Heather will be delighted to receive this wonderful gift!

The quilting pattern is Butterfly 1 Pano and it is quilted in Chiveblossom colored thread.

Hundreds of penguins!

Penguin quilt backing, how fun is this?

Judy's Maxine Quilt

Judy put this cute quilt together as a retirement gift for her supervisor and great friend. Her friend loves Maxine so I'm sure she will love this memorable quilt!

The Blah borders.

The quilting pattern was Ribbon Dance pano 003.

The thread color was Sunlight.

Here is the luscious yellow backing where all the employees will sign their names.