Friday, October 30, 2009


Fall has arrived in a big way, the nights are cool and the trees display amazing color!
We visited the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha and it was really spectacular. Most flowers are past their prime but the trees are at their best and if you have not been there to visit, it should be on your list to check out! The colors of fall.
One crisp night and the leaves all came down the next couple of days.

Little Crimson King red maple dropping leaves.

Peaceful walk.

Trekin' down the trail.

Carpet of leaves on the bike trail beyond our house.

The bean fields ready to harvest.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ruth's Table Toppers

Here you see the panel with a quilt pattern called Pheasants in Flight, a great pattern for wild life panels like this one. The designer made it specifically for this pheasant panel and the quilt made up using it. I have part of it cut out, just need to finish it and quilt it. I will have a twin size quilt. Ruth choose to make the table topper. Great job!
This shows the quilting patterns.

This panel is called Pheasant Country and is so appropriate for around here!

See the fishing fly and line?

Ruth had me quilt a panel with all kinds of interesting scenes on it. She will use it as a table topper. I used the fly fishing quilt pattern and used a sage green thread. Nice!

Ruth's Underground Railroad Quilts

Ruth decided to make the 2 quilts in the 2 sizes, twin and minature using the 12 inch pattern and the six inch pattern. They both turned out great! They are based on Eleanor Burns's quilt book called the Underground Railroad Sampler quilt and each block had a special meaning concerning the Underground Railroad. Wonderful quilts!
Each block has a story behind it.

The twin size. The red bear paw is great!

Here is the small version of the quilt. It has 12 six inch blocks and those small pieces are hard to work with! I love the green sashing!

Susan's Star Quilt

A simple star pattern, but great results! Susan found this pattern and the fabrics in Phoenix. The pictures don't do it justice with her fabric choices. The blue is such a bold color and the red, just right! Wish I could find some of that print! I have this pattern somewhere, I really would like to make this quilt. I guess it goes on the "list to do"!
Red, tan and blue, great color combinations for a wonderful quilt!

Close up of the quilting pattern, called Stars & Swirls, quilted in Mars Red thread. The swirl mimicks the swirl found in the blue fabric.

Susan's Dinosaur Quilt

The center panel of the quilt. Do you think he will be able to sleep under this bright quilt?
The wonderful border design!

Susan made this for her grandson. He has graduated to a bigger bed and she thought this would be just the quilt to keep him warm and cozy. She chose a meander pattern with bright Mimosa thread. I'm sure he will love this quilt!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My first custom quilt using the Creative Studio software!

Lynn has produced a baby quilt that needed some custom crocodiles on it. Laurie Thomas (a longarm digitizer of patterns) came up with a great set of patterns for the quilt and believe it or not, I actually got it done! The middle of the quilt was done with the "Amazing" quilt pattern and the outside border was a line of crocodiles. The corners had individual crocodiles and the small green border had head to toe crocodiles in a row. Lynn is making a valance for the windows of this soon to be new grandbaby and he will have the cutest baby room. Great quilt!

Lynn's busy with grandbaby quilts!

Minkee anyone? This is quilted with the rubber duckie pattern in Mimosa thread. Just right for a little grandbaby to play with and take a quick nap. The top quilt is quilted with the Dog and Bones pattern in Henna and the middle quilt is quilted with I Love It hearts in Spring Green thread. Now Lynn's set for all her grandbabies and the one on the way!

What's this doing in October?

At least it didn't stay long!

Judy's 2009 Retreat Project is completed!

The warm fuzzy backing.

We all know Judy loves her batiks! But does Judy's brother? We hope so because he will be getting this quilt in a very short time and I know he can't help but love it! And it will be so nice for the winter because the backing is flannel and so nice and warm and cozy. The quilt pattern is Tole Painting and the thread color is the rich looking Sumac. Wonderful quilt, Judy!

Lynn's Finished 2008 Oxbow Group Project

Here is Lynn's 2008 project. She finished it and
has decided to use it as a summer quilt for picnics! I love her colors! It was quilted with Mother Goose colored thread and Lynn choose a pattern called Bellflower. Great job!

Oxbow 2009 Quilt Retreat at Camp Joy Holling

Well, it was cold outside this time around, but warm inside for the 43 plus quilters who assembled at Cap Joy Holling for the 2009 annual retreat.
As you walked in, there was the humming of sewing machines, the laughter of the participants and the smell of great foods, EVERYTHING that you might expect to find at a great quilt retreat!
There was a challenge quilt contest, a demo by Peggy for "Uninterrupted Binding", a trunk show of quilts by the late Mary Lou Dunn, hours of free time to sew to your hearts content, a great meal Friday night at the Sjogren House, and wonderful food made by all the quilters. Prizes for everybody and just a great time all around.
Thanks, Bonnie and Judy for a great retreat!

Oxbow 2009 Retreat at Camp Joy Holling

This cookie says it all!
Bonnie in charge of checking everybody in and handing out the name tags!

Pam, Judy, Stephanie & Tammy checking out the kitchen.

The food starts to pile up in a BIG way!

Cindi, Deb and Tammy are checking out the retreat giveaways.

Peggy checking things out with Karyl.

Show and Tell (Karyl's Stash of Quilts) Part 1

Karyl's quilt that she made from the Nancy Crow class that she took.