Sunday, June 30, 2013

Berdie's Mother Goose Quilt

With the help from grandchildren, Berdie colored these panels and set this cute quilt together. So nice!
Meandering loops was the quilting pattern.

White thread was used.

The backing fabric.

So cute!

Amy's Pink Ribbon Quilt

Amy picked out these great pinks for a breast cancer quilt.
My granddaughter thinks it's adorable.

Ribbon Dance was the quilting pattern used.

Light Hot Pink was the thread choice.

Nicely done!

The backing.

Amy's Kitty Meow Quilt

Amy pieced this really cute cat quilt and the big question is where is it going to end up? I think she needs to keep it! But then she could make another one and give it away???? The thing is, cat lovers tend to keep all things cat related. Just to let you know.

The quilting pattern was Kitty Meow.

The thread color was Keywest Lime.

There is even mice on this quilt!

The paw print.
The backing fabric.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Beth's T-Shirt Quilt

Lin put together this wonderful t-shirt quilt for her daughter, Beth. It is filled with memories of school, church, sports, charitable work and more. I'm sure she will cherish it!

Spring Lilac thread was used.

A simple Meander quilting pattern was used.

Lots of color in this quilt!

Nice shirts!

The backing fabric.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vintage Quilt with Feathers

I've had this quilt top for some time and decided to get it quilted. It wasn't in the best condition as I think it was used as a table cloth at one time. It is mostly made from feed sacks but it does show some wear from usage. I used white thread and several feather quilting patterns to custom quilt the quilt.

I found the dimensions varied from side to side also!

The quilt backing, I just purchased a bleached muslin for the back.
The white blocks.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Delores's Briar Patch Quilt

Delores made this beautiful quilt and I really wanted to keep it! But I guess that just wouldn't be right! LOL!  You see, it's flannel and flannel quilts are sooooo nice! And I love the pattern and the colors and what's not to like? Yum!

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern used.

The borders.

Camel thread was used.

So pretty!

The backing which is really black with orange but the light did not pick up on that.

A Quilt for Rhonda

Linda made this quilt for a gift for Rhonda. Hoping to make her feel great!
I am sure she will love this quilt!

A lot of different star blocks!

Brenda's Tulips was the quilting pattern used.

The center medallion.

Dyed natural thread was used.

A Bear Paw block!

The borders.

The backing of the quilt.