Monday, August 31, 2020

Kay's Quilt

I made this for Kay. She loves flowers and bird houses and glass dish flowers and all things colorful!
This shows the flowers on the top and bottom borders of the quilt.
THe birds and bird houses are quilted on the center squares. The pattern was Bird House pano 001.
The thread color was Creek Bed.
These show the side borders that have the Dish Flower Border design on them.
Hope she likes it!
The bottom border.

 The backing.

My Snowmen Swirl Quilt

I put this quilt together using some Kathy Schmitz snowmen fabric.
Holly Swirl Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.
Quilted with Goose color thread.

 The backing.

Friday, August 28, 2020

My Mackinac Island Honor Quilt

Didn't get it done for the 4th, but there's always next year!
Pebbles E2E was the quilting pattern.
Natural White thread was used.
Binding will be a red print!

 The backing.

Jaynee's Shoo-Fly Stars Quilt

This is Jaynee's Shoo-fly quilt! Click on the pictures for a larger view. This new Blogger format seems to clip much of the pictures that I am posting! :(
Stars at Sea B2B was the quilting pattern.
Goose was the thread color.
Another wowser of a quilt! It will be a large wall hanging.
The backing.

'Jaynee's Corona Christmas Quilt

Jaynee pieced this festive quilt! Of course it's her "Corona" quilt!
Festive Christmas B2B was the quilting pattern, quilted with Barley thread.
So nicely done as always!

 The backing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Reindeer Sleigh Quilt

I found this panel last year and fussy cut the yardage to make this small quilt.
Reindeer and Sleigh Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.
Teatime Turquoise was the thread color.
Ready for this Christmas!

 The Grunge backing.

Linda's 2nd Quilt of Valor Quilt

Linda made this for another man who is in the Navy. Her other one was for his brother. 
I custom quilted the quilt, although these pictures don't show the patterns well.
Eagles are on several blocks .
New Gold was the thread color.
This one has Department of Navy, United States of America on it with a ship on it.

 The backing.

Betty's Chicken Quilt

Betty and her sister-in-law have had a long standing thing about chickens and jokes about them. SO she made this for her sister-in-law and it's covered with chickens!!
Shari B2B was the quilting pattern.
Sesame Seeds was the thread color.
She's going tot love it!!

 The backing.

Sharon's Ladybug Quilt

This cute hand embroidered quilt was made by Sharon. Superb job!
Spring Lei B2B was the quilting pattern.
Dyed Natural thread was used.
Great job!!
The backing.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

A Baby Quilt for Shelbie's Friend

Shelbie is giving this baby quilt to a friend. Her mother and aunt had both worked on the embroidery. 
Happy Chicks Panto was the quilting pattern quilted with Baby Pink thread.
The receiving family will love it!!!
The fun backing!