Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Halloween Quilts!

This is Ava's Halloween quilt and it is so colorful and full of happy smiling Jack O' Lanterns. I'm sure she will love this quilt! Karyl has made 5 of the 7 quilts to this point for grandchildren, just 2 to go!

Keywest Lime colored thread makes the ghosts show up in the border.

The borders of the quilt.

The scary cats and Jack O' Lanterns are so cute!

The center piecing on the back of the quilt.

The Ghostly pattern shows here on the back panel.

The back of Ava's quilt.

Leo's Halloween quilt which I'm sure he will love to wrap up in on Halloween night!

The center panel with all the interesting characters on it.

Gunmetal Gray thread was used.

Wonderful Pumpkins!

The backing of Leo's quilt.

Olivia's quilt has the same top as Leo's, but different backings.

The borders of the quilt.

The Ghostly quilt pattern shows in the backing here.

Gunmetal Gray thread was used.

The back of the quilt belonging to Olivia.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Doreen's Halloween Table Topper

The little Halloween table topper sets the tone for a nice Halloween holiday that is fast approaching. It will certainly decorate the table for the season! Nice!

The back of the topper showing the Harvest Time quilting pattern.

Owen's Baby Quilt

Doreen has constructed this sweet quilt for little Owen who lives in Canada. All the quilts she makes and gives to friends have the Maple Leaves quilting pattern on them to remind the family that the maker of the quilt was Doreen and she is a Canadian! Nicey done!

Love those little stripey rows between the blocks!

The thread color used was Chambray blue.

This quilt has the cutest little characters in the blocks!

You can really see the Maple Leaves quilting pattern here.

Backing of the quilt.

Doreen's Baby Bear Quilt

Doreen put a border around this pre-pieced appliqued bear panel and it makes a nice little baby quilt just waiting for the next baby to come along! Cute!

The thread color used was Fox. Fox for a Bear quilt?????

The three bears are fuzzy and furry.

The quilting pattern used was Meandering Loops.

Backing of the Bear Quilt, a light blue flannel.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karyl has made these two little Halloween quilts for some grandchildren who will be very happily surprised and excited to see them! I think they will love the spiders and ghosts floating all over the quilts and keep them nicely scared like all little Halloween Trick or Treaters should be! This one will be for Hazel.

The thread color used was Sumac.

Aren't these the cutest little Jack O' Lantern faces?

The quilting pattern was called Ghostly.

The quilt back showing the center blocks. With Karyl's quilts, you always get two for the price of one!

One of the ghosts upside down.

Backing of the Jack quilt.

There are so many ghosts and goblins and spider webs and skeletons in these prints that the kids will love them! This quilt will be for Wyatt.

The spider web shows up here!

The spider really shows up here!

The thread color used was Prune.

The quilting pattern was called Halloween Panto V7-8.

The back of the Halloween quilt.

Center piecing on the back of the quilt.

Backing fabric with all the little Halloween costumes!