Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sara's Room without a Roof Quilt

And here is another quilt for Sara's soon to be born grandson, one that he will eventually like to play on to look at all the dogs in the quilt. Lucky little baby for the nice quilts that he will be getting from his grandmother!

Dog with Bones was the quilting pattern.

The yellow borders.

Spring Green was the thread used.

Then there is the cute backing with a dog and the crew of cats.

Sara's Modern Circuitry Quilt

Sara made this quilt for her soon to be born first grandson! It's the perfect quilt for a little guy, so much fun!

Pickup Stick Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

 Slate steel was the thread used.

Perfect for a new little baby to cuddle up with.

Just in time, due next week or so!

The so soft flannel backing!

Cheryl's Little Wool Tulip Crossing Quilt

Cheryl has once again created a real masterpiece! It's all wool applique and attached with buttonhole stitch by hand. perfectly stitched of course and a feast to look at in person! great job!

I custom quilted it with an outline of each piece and then added a tulip in each corner and a ribbon along all four sides.

Here is one of the tulips.

The ribbon and the side borders also outlined!

A Primitive Gathering pattern and a great one!

The backing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shelby's Quilt

Shelby likes turquoise blue and that is what she is getting! Luci  made this for her and I know she will love it! 

Burning Love Pano 001 was the quilting pattern used.

A very nice collection of fabrics!

Bermuda Blue was the thread used.

The backing even has piecing on part of it. Nice!

The pattern really shows up on the backing.

Weekend Project

This weekend our granddaughter, Alexandria, came for a visit and together we made this, Mr. Basil Fox.
Allie did most of the sewing on the body, all handwork, and I made the clothes and knit the scarf. He went home with her today.

We also made a peach and a cherry pie, but obviously we both need to know how to make a better pie crust!
Better stick to sewing!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Luci's Anniversary Quilt

Luci created this huge quilt as a gift. It's an Anniversary quilt and the recipients will be completely delighted!

Wedding Ring pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Moss Green was the thread used.

A whole lot of piecing!

The borders.

The wonderful backing fabric!

Carolyn's Round Robin Quilt

Carolyn and 4 or 5 former co-workers got together and made blocks for each other to complete quilts using the same block patterns. This is the finished product of the round robin quilt!

May Rose was the thread used.

Floral waves was the quilting pattern.

The border.

The backing which also had a few more blocks on it!

Carolyn's North Woods Quilt

Carolyn made this wonderful North Woods quilt and had me quilt a Sasquatch in it. I have him hidden, but a close look will locate him!

Fisherman red was the thread used.

The corner have trees.

And Bear Paws!

Bear paw Pano 002 was the quilting pattern.

A nice quilt to wrap up in this winter!

Here he is!

The backing.

Helen's Baby Who Quilt

Helen made this bright quilt for the next time she needs a baby quilt, so the name of it is, Baby Who, next little baby girl gets it!

The borders. So cute!

Meandering Daisies was the quilting pattern.

Fuchsia was the thread used.

The backing.