Friday, February 17, 2012

Connie's Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Connie has made this beautiful Yellow Brick Road quilt in such nice fabrics! It's a very large quilt, will fit the top of a king bed and it will be a wonderful addition to her spare room! Nicely done!

The quilting pattern used was Lisa's Lace and Sierra Peaks Sash in the border.

The borders of the quilt.

The quilting thread used was Zinnia.

The quilt backing.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The New Wedding Quilt

Here is a new wedding quilt that will have the Cathedral Window pattern placed on it. The previous one was determined to be the wrong color so I quilted another one for the family and this one will be just right to go along with the center panel!

The quilting pattern was Elegant feathers.

Once again the thread used was Dyed Natural.

The quilt backing.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Carol's Lovely Valentine Quilt!

Carol embroidered these sweet little hearts and made this small quilt. They each have different embroidery designs on them and made a very cute quilt! You could also make them into a larger quilt with alternate blocks and really they are a very versatile pattern! If you would like to make a quilt like this one and you have an embroidery machine (if you don't have an embroidery machine at this point in your life, you should because they can enhance your quilts tremendously), anyway if you would like these heart patterns plus check on some other wonderful embroidery patterns at incredible prices, check out the San Francisco Stitch Company at this website is so check them out! She has freebies and mystery stitch outs and surprises all the time and there even is a yahoo group!

Praline pink thread and Whimsical Hearts were used on this quilt.

The quilt backing.

Amanda's Quilt

Janice pieced this quilt for her granddaughter, Amanda, and I know she is going to just LOVE it! It reminds me of spring with such springtime colors and it will look stunning on any bed! Wonderful!

I love this block, I just might have to add this to my long list of quilts to make!

The name of the quilting pattern was Fandangle B2B, I just love this pattern, it's so whimsical!

The name of this quilt was Bouquet but to me it looks like a cake stand variation???

The thread color used was Orchid.

The purple border of the quilt.

The quilt backing.

Pat's Wine Country Quilt

Marge put this quilt together for her friend, Pat, who has a family room decorated in these colors and similar to a place in Wine Country so I am sure Pat will be delighted to receive this great quilt!

The center panel.

Another wine panel.
Burgandy Thread was used on this quilt.

The grapes really show in these borders.

The borders on the quilt.

The quilting pattern was called Grapevine Panto.

One of the panels on the quilt.

The quilt backing which is brown in real life, bad photo!

Joyce's Wizard of Oz Quilt

This is the second Wizard of Oz quilt that Marge has created. The first one for her mother and now this one for Joyce who has an entire room of her house dedicated to the Wizard of Oz and now she has a quilt to go with it!

The quilting pattern used was Meandering Loops.

The Ruby slippers!

The quilt was quilted with Mother Goose thread.

The quilt backing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Quilt for a New Baby!

Lisa pieced this pretty little quilt for her soon to be born granddaughter!

Such nice piecing and wonderful fabric choices!

She brought it to me this afternoon and it's now ready to go!

A beautiful collection of fabrics in this quilt!

The quilting pattern was called Blowing Wind pano 003.

Ficelle thread was used on this quilt.

Pretty paisley quilt backing!

Wedding Quilt for a Grandson

Roylene's friends, Pat and Deb, brought me this fabric to quilt and they will tack the following cathedral windows panel on the top of it. A 93 year old grandmother made the cathedral window part and they are going to surprise her with the finished quilt that will be given to her grandson for his wedding in March. I hope they like the results! Wonderful cathedral windows!

Elegant Feathers was the quilting done in Dyed Natural thread.

This shows the quilt with the cathedral panel on top of the quilt. It will be tacked down in the center of the quilt.

Wonderful fabrics used in the windows!

The cathedral window pieced center.

This was made by the grandmother also and now it is finished!

Dyed Natural thread was used.

Sticky buns was the quilt pattern used on this quilt.

Backing of the little quilt.