Sunday, July 28, 2013

Amy's Paducah Quilt

Amy bought this quilt kit at the Quilt in A Day shop in Paducah KY, which reminds me that a trip to Paducah is on my bucket list, anyway, isn't it just luscious?!

A great color combination!

The floral border.

Sunlight thread was chosen for this quilt.

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern.

Such a nice summer quilt!

The backing.

Amy pieced this large flannel quilt together and it will certainly be a warm cozy quilt for the coming fall and winter. Nicely done!

The colors are more green than brown as the pictures don't seem to show the real colors of the quilt.

Henna was the thread used.

Harvest Time was the quilting pattern.

The border which shows the true green better than the other pictures.

Great quilt!

The backing which really shows the quilting pattern.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Terry's House Quilt

Is this cute or what? Terry put this small quilt together using a Miss Rosie's Schnibbles pattern with her own take on it! Very nice!

Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern.

Mohair was the thread choice.

The backing fabric.

Terry's Star Quilt

Terry pieced this star quilt for a unique wall hanging! Nice!

Classy Curls 003 was the quilting pattern used.

Camel thread was used on it.
The blue backing fabric.

Makenna's Quilt

Grandma Terry pieced this stunning quilt for her granddaughter, Makenna. Makenna chose each of the fabrics to go in her quilt. I know she loves it! Nice job!

Gunmetal Grey was used for the thread.

The fun border!

Meandering Loops was used for the quilting pattern.

The striped backing in all colors!

This will brighten up a room!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jane's Reindeer Quilt

With a quick strip piecing of the panels, this quilt was done! Jane pieced this and another one for me!

Silver thread was used.

The quilting pattern was designed just for this quilt, it was Reindeer Snowflake pano 001.

This really shows the reindeer and snowflakes,

One ready for Christmas!
The backing candy cane fabric.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Alyce's Oriental Quilt

Alyce used this great floral print to make a throw with an oriental look to it and it came out to be a very pretty quilt!

She chose the Oriental Fans Simple quilting pattern.

Rosewood was the thread used.

The picture doesn't reflect the color here, but the backing is a shiny black fabric.

Alyce's Poinsettia Wall Hanging

Alyce put together another gift of this Poinsettia wall hanging. Very nice!

Fox thread was used.

Poinsettia B2B was used for the quilting pattern.

The borders.

The backing.

Alyce's Ornament Wall Hanging

A quick but very nice small quilt! Alyce is ahead of the game for Christmas gifts!

Ornament Pano 2007 was used for the quilting pattern.

The borders. Fox thread was used.

The backing. Nice!

A Quilt for Granddaughter #3

Liz has embroidered and cross-stitched this small crib quilt for her #3 granddaughter who was due yesterday and may already be here, I do not know.

A whole lot of work went into this bear! A wonderful keepsake!

I Love It was the quilting pattern used.

White thread was used.

The backing soft flannel.