Sunday, September 26, 2010

Amy's Wedding Quilt

Marge made this quilt for her niece, Amy, as a wedding present. I'm sure Amy will be thrilled to get this as a gift!
The thread color was Mother Goose, a wonderful blending with everything color!

The quilting pattern was Curls in Love.

A Baby quilt headed for Chicago!

This adorable quilt was made by Marge for her daughter's friend who is expecting her first baby! I'm sure she will really love this quilt!
Quilted with Praline Pink thread!

A brown and pink quilt is so cute for a little baby girl. The pattern was Grains of Wheat.
The border of the quilt.

Backing of the baby quilt, a cute little girl print!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marge has certainly been busy!

Marge made this quilt for her own bedroom and it will be a very soothing beautiful addition.
Very nice!

The quilting pattern is Sticky Buns, quilted in Camel colored thread.

The backing of her quilt is a very soft flannel......mmmmm........!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Baby Paige

Here is brand new baby Paige. I think she likes her new quilt! Sweet Dreams!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Swap!

Well, it all started when I saw the results of an Easter ornament swap that my daughter participated in and she announced one day that a Halloween swap was next on the agenda. She asked me if I wanted to participate and I readily said yes! Fourteen people from all over the country signed up to do this one and the idea was to make 14 Halloween items that could be hung on a Halloween tree. Ok, so I started thinking of an idea and then I thought why not make everybody a tree skirt? So I found the pattern that I wanted and then realized that I had no idea of the kind of tree that these folks had, so I made a quilt table topper instead to set their tree on. Well, the deadline was the 20th of September and I mailed them today but the last week got me thinking "What was I thinking???" Fingers sore with 14 bindings in 2 short days, all quilting done in a day and a half but they were mailed today and I can't wait to see what comes back! They should be mailed back to us around the 1st of October! Can't wait! I need to get a tree now!

The pile of finished toppers.

A jack-o-lantern shows up here. There are spiders also.

The back of the table topper. I used Red Orange thread.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carolyn's Rose Quilt!

Carolyn made this wonderful quilt to add to a bedroom that she is transforming. It will be a great addition to the bedroom. Such a soft relaxing pattern, a great quilt!
Simply Roses was the quilt pattern done in Greenette thread.

Pink roses and green borders make this a soft comforting quilt!

The backing of the quilt.

Mary's Abundant Feathers Quilt!

This quilt is just one of many quilts that Mary's mother made long ago. A wonderful keepsake!
The borders really show the Abundant Feathers quilt pattern quilted with Dyed Natural thread.

The center portion of the quilt.

Hundreds of squares of fabrics remind Mary of the clothing of the 50's and 60's.

The quilt backing shows the abundant feathers!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Baseball Quilting Patterns!

Watch my website for a Omaha Royals pattern and a College World Series pattern, coming soon!

Several people have asked me about baseball quilting patterns , here they are!