Thursday, October 31, 2013

Linda's Poinsettia Quilt

Linda pieced this simple, yet very striking Christmas quilt with really nice fabrics!
Just a binding and she has her Christmas quilt all ready for the season!

Sage Green thread was used.

Holly Pano 003 Sq was the quilting pattern used.

Blocks and rectangles make a great quilt!

The festive backing!

Dee's Christmas Log Cabin Quilt

Dee made this quilt while demonstrating how to make a log cabin quilt up at a county fair in Minnesota this past summer! She made it for her home for her Christmas quilt! Very nice!

The quilting pattern while very subtle, is called Cabins in the Trees.

Olive Drab thread was used.

You can see the trees in this picture.

Yes, most log cabin quilts have a red center to signify the chimney, but hers has yellow because she uses soft white lights! LOL!

The backing fabric that shows the pattern a bit better.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Olivia's Quilt

Linda pieced this cute quilt for her granddaughter, Olivia. The edges alone will make her LOVE this quilt! They are soft minky and I can just see a little child latching on to that soft fabric! The quilt also has patches of pink satiny fabric squares that were pieces of Linda's mother's robe, the great-grandmother's robe, so it will have a special meaning when she is old enough to understand. A wonderful touch to the quilt.

The soft border fabric.

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern.

Shocking pink was the thread used.

A great variety of pinks and greens!

The checkered pink backing!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Scrapmania 4 Patch Quilt

I pieced this quilt and finally got around to quilting it!

I used Satin Slipper thread, a very soft pink.

I used the Sticky Buns pattern for the quilting.

Another one checked off the list! Getting there!

The backing fabric.

Little Log Cabin Doll Quilt

I pieced this little doll quilt. I used Grey thread for the quilting and Pod Lids was the quilting pattern.

The backing fabric.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Charity Quilts

The Heritage Needlework Guild of Nebraska City, (a quilt guild that I belong to), has made these charity quilts. I picked up the 10 quilts and said that I would quilt them. So, after a marathon weekend, starting yesterday at 10 AM and finishing tonight, I have them all done, ready for the bindings! WHEW!

Isn't this the cutest? I used Mimosa thread with an Elephant quilting pattern.

The backing of the Elephant quilt.

A Care Bear quilt. I used Light Hot Pink thread and Balloons Panto quilt pattern.

The backing of the Care Bear Quilt.

I used Keywest Lime thread on this one and Going Bananas for the quilting pattern.

The monkey backing.

I used Melon thread on this one with the Swirls Simple quilting pattern.

The backing of the Swirls quilt.

I used Meandering Loops on this one with Blue Jay thread.

The back of the one above.

This one had cars, motorcycles and trucks on it so I used the quilting pattern called Gear Pano 001 with Egyptian Topaz thread.

The backing of the Gear quilt.

I used Mother Goose thread with the Pick Up Sticks pattern on this one.

The back of the Pick Up Sticks quilt.

I used Mother Goose on this one also but with the Calm water 001 quilting pattern.

The backing of the Calm Water quilt.

I used Goldenrod thread on this one with Feathers and Flowers for the quilting pattern.

The backing of the quilt.

I used Ginger Spice thread on this one with the pattern called Grateful.

The back of this quilt.