Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carrie's Ave's (as in birds!) Quilt

Carrie is a very nice repeat customer. Carrie brought Susan out to introduce her as a new customer, which I greatly appreciate! This beautiful quilt was quilted using the "Ave's" pattern. Each block was quilted separately (so not an all over pattern) using a greenette color thread. I really enjoyed seeing this one complete with individual patterns in each block, it is really a neat effect. The textures on this fabric are really wonderful too.

Carrie has another quilt top here that will be quilted once she brings the backing. It is a Scrappy Nine-patch. I can't wait to see how that one turns out with the quilting added.

Susan's Star Quilt

This week was very busy. Susan brought out her Star Quilt for quilting. Susan is a new customer that I was very happy to meet. I am looking forward to working with her more in the future she did such a great job on the first quilt I finished for her.
Susan chose the "meander" quilting pattern with a sumac thread, which is a greenish-gold color.

Lois' Star Quilt

Today I finished a very fun Star Quilt. Lois used a neat oriental pattern to sash her teal, navy, pink and burgundy stars. She decided to choose the "Star Sparkles" quilt pattern and egyptian topaz thread for the quilting.

So many Quilts so little time!

Hello Everyone,

I have decided to begin this blog to share with you all the wonderful quilts that my amazing customers bring to me to long-arm quilt for them. I share all the photos on my website Acorn Ridge Quilting, but I felt more people may be able to enjoy the pictures on a new blog!
Yesterday I completed a Motorcylce quilt for my customer Jane. It was very colorful including some silver lame'. Jane chose the Motorcylcee2e pattern with a slate steel thread.

Today she came to pick it up and brought her blue-eyed grandson and grand-daughter with her. I think she may have to pull the quilt away from her grandson, he loved it so much!