Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My husband has retired!!!!!!!!!!!! The plaque has been engraved and the cards signed, the watch given and the cake eaten! I wonder if he wants to learn to piece quilts????.................

Benjamin's Quilt

I decided that Megan might like a little diaper tote. Just might come in handy!

Had to put his name on it!

Little flannel quilt for baby Benjamin to keep him warm for the coming winter!

Labs everywhere!

Top border.

Bottom border.

Backing of the quilt.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Totes, Again!

My daughter is having a crafting type retreat in a couple of weeks and all the people coming are getting a tote with their name on it. They are done and waiting to be filled with the goodies!
I think I am all toted out!

They are red white and blue, nothing like bad lighting!

More totes completed for the retreat!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Good Morning for Morning Glories!

Nothing is as cheerful as seeing this Morning Glory grow taller and fuller and bloom after bloom! It seems it always takes a while for it to appear but when it does, it is wonderful to see! I know some people consider it a weed, but if all weeds looked like this, I would welcome them! As it grows, more colors appear, first it was all pink and then the purples started showing up! And I didn't even plant it, it just appeared a couple of years ago and it keeps coming up each year to my delight!

Aren't they a happy looking flower?

The purples are appearing!

OK, this has nothing to do with flowers, but see that brown patch between the swing and the tree? It's a huge beaver running across the yard! With all the trees and branches around here, I'm sure he's building something or planning to stop the creek from flowing! Better check out what he's up to...one of these days!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rose's "Sallie's Quilt"

Rose made this spectacular quilt. I believe that all 32 stars are made with different fabrics and the end result is just divine! Excellent construction and what can I say, it's a PURPLE ribbon quilt in my book!

Stars galore quilted with the Sticky Buns quilt pattern.

The side blocks that surround the entire center of the quilt, all 18 of them done in blue and creams. They surround the 32 star blocks set on point. WOW!

The borders quilted in Gunmetal Colored thread.

A corner block of the quilt. Really shows the quilting pattern.

The quilt back. Nice golds, browns and blacks. Now below is a very short video of the quilt being quilted.

A Quilt for Baby Lanik

Marge put this quilt together for her neighbor who expecting a little girl. It will be greatly appreciated when those cold winter nights show up too soon from now! Nice!

The cute inserted panel. Quilted in Praline pink thread.

Little sheep running all over the quilt!

The quilting pattern used was called Baa Baa Pano 001.

Backing of the quilt. Looks like a two for one quilt!

Baby Blake's Quilt

Marge constructed this little quilt for the new grand baby expected this coming Thursday. I'm sure he will love playing on this soft and cozy quilt! It will be ready and waiting to greet him!

Nice color combinations!

Marge wanted squares and vertical and horizontal lines to accent the rows in the quilt. The design was Squares around Border and was quilted in Lucerne Blue thread.

The blue flannel backing really shows the geometric pattern.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liz's Embroidered Baby Quilt

Liz has just finished this cute embroidered baby quilt and it's just in time, as she will be getting two grandchildren this fall. When she finished the first embroidered quilt, she was just wishing for grandchildren and there weren't any on the horizon. So she put it away to wait for the day that it came true. So the moral of this story is, just like in Field of Dreams, "If you build it they will come", so, "If you embroider baby quilts, they will come"! Worked for Liz! Great job!

Quilted in white and the I Love It quilt pattern.

Pretty flowers!

Cute horse!

The teddy bear!

Chickie Pull Toy!

Cute kitty!

The soft yellow flannel will be so welcoming!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Debbie's a Winner!

Remember this quilt? Well, it's currently hanging in the Cass County Fair with a blue ribbon on it and a PURPLE ribbon on it for BEST in CLASS! Came in 3rd in line to the Grand Champion quilt (and should have been there in my opinion)! Congratulations, Debbie!

Deanna's 2nd Volleyball Quilt

Deanna made this t-shirt quilt for her second year in a row raffle quilt. Actually it might become an auction quilt or a silent auction item. It will benefit the Elmwood-Murdock Booster club! Wonderful quilt, and I'm sure everyone will want to buy a ticket!

The t-shirts were really neat and made a nice quilt!

Quilted in black thread.

The green borders really show off the quilting pattern which was called Volley Ball!

Backing of the quilt.