Friday, September 26, 2014

Judy's Twister Rabbit Quilt

Judy made this in a class using the twister template/ruler and it's a rabbit head! She chose to add the embroidered eyes and whiskers after it was quilted.

Bunting Bunnies 002 was the quilting pattern used.

Copenhagen Blue was the thread choice.

The borders on her quilt.

The backing fabric. The rabbits keep multiplying it seems!

Cassandra's Quilt

Patty made this for Cassandra and says she loves pink and obviously Teddy Bears!

Bear Bear Pano Sq was the quilting pattern.

Flamingo Pink was the thread used.

So cute! She will love it!

Bears on the bears.

The polka dot pink backing!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Marge's Auction Quilt

Marge made this Carpenter's Star as a quilt for an auction. She hopes to win it herself!

Made with denim, bandannas and Nebraska fabrics, it certainly represents Nebraska.

The borders.

A simple Meander was the quilting pattern.

Navigator Blue was the thread used.

Husker fabric for the backing, of course!

Braden's Bar Mitzvah Wall Hanging Quilt

Braden has his Bar Mitzvah next month and his grandmother, Karyl, has made this great wall hanging to commemorate the occasion!

Light Medium Blue thread was used.

Star of David and Torah Pano was used for the quilting pattern.

A wonderful quilt for him!

The many borders on the quilt.

The backing fabric showing the Jewish alphabet.

Debbie's Baby Quilt

Peggy made this quilt for her daughter Debbie's second child who is due on the 29th of this month. She is busy binding it today so she will be ready just in the nick of time!

Such soft oranges and limey greens with the white background, it makes a wonderful calm and sweet quilt.

White thread was used for the quilting.

Cracker Jack Pano 001 was the quilting pattern!

That little baby will look delightful on this quilt!

The backing fabric. Nice!

Evelyn's Oxbow 2014 Block Exchange Quilt

This is Evelyn's project from our quilt group. Eleven of us worked on the project where each person brought in the block pattern of their choice and the others made 2 blocks for each other in the colors of their choice. Evelyn's was a paper pieced block (EEK!) but I made it through and finished the two blocks for her. Then she made the additional blocks need to finish the quilt and what a beauty it turned out to be! Great job!

Great color combination of blues and yellows!

Flower Berries B2B was the quilting pattern and really mimicked the flower in her border fabric.

Goldenrod thread was used.

A large variety of blues and yellows but they all came together in a great way!


The great flower border where the inspiration came from for the colors of her quilt.

The back of her quilt.

Nancy's Diamonds Are Forever Quilt

Nancy made this large string quilt on a foundation and there are so many different fabrics in it! Each print represents a memory of the past.

Spectacular with the black contrasting background.

 Needle Me Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Black thread was used.

The many borders on the quilt.

The backing fabric that is really black, but this photo doesn't convey that.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Giveaways for Handmade U

I put this small quilt together for my daughter's door for her upcoming Handmade U event. She does have a black cat, of course! 

I used Burnt Orange thread and Pumpkins for the quilting pattern.

Then I took the small panels and made small little quilts for giveaways or door prizes.

The backing fabric on all 8 quilts