Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mary's Cathedral Window Quilt

Mary's using up her batiks and what a great way to do it! So colorful as the majority of her quilts are, this one is just right with the light and dark contrasts! Nice!

She chose Meandering Loops for the quilting pattern.

Summer Berry was the thread used on this quilt.

The size is just right for a light cover-up!

The yummy backing!

7 Heritage Needlework Guild Community Service Quilts

The first quilt was quilted with Golden Wheat thread and the Meander quilting pattern.

The backing.

The second one was also quilted with the Meander quilt pattern and Mother Goose thread.

The backing.

This third one was quilted with Golden Wheat and the Meander quilt pattern.

The backing.

The 4th one was quilted with the Number Pano 002 and Ripe Banana thread.

The backing.

The 5th quilt was quilted with the Meander pattern and Papaya thread.

The backing.

The 6th one was quilted with Mother Goose thread and the Dob Bone Pano 003.

The backing.

This last 7th one was quilted with May Rose thread and the Daisy Pano 004 quilting pattern.

The backing.

Blake's Quilt

Jane made this quilt for Blake's graduation and it certainly is going to be a great gift!
Nicely done!

Gunmetal Grey was the thread used.

A fantastic collection of black and white prints!

Storm Cloud Pano 1 was the quilting pattern.

The backing fabrics!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ruby's Quilt

Colleen made this colorful quilt for her mother-in-law, Ruby! Ruby has seen the top, but not quilted, and I am sure she will love it!

Tracery was the quilting pattern that she chose.

Blue Jay was the thread used.

Lots of color and fun in this quilt!

The side borders. The red really adds to the quilt!

Very nice!

The purple backing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sara's Quilt

Here is Sara's 4-H quilt, done in the same pattern as her sister, Katherine used, but in a different color wave.  She is 12 and has already started thinking about her next quilt! Grandmother, Rogene, guided the girls to finish the quilts so they are ready for the Washington county fair in July!

Gatsby Green was the thread that she chose.

Simply Crosses Pano 001 was the pattern for quilting that she decided on because she was baptized, confirmed and joined her church all in one day! This will be a great keepsake to celebrate the occasion!

Nicely done!

The backing which really shows the quilting pattern.

Kie's Quilt

Phyllis made this quilt for her granddaughter, Kie. Kie is obviously a fighting Irish fan! Kie can curl up in her quilt while watching the Irish play ball!

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern.

The borders. And quilted with hunter Green.

The bright yellow backing!

Lexie's Quilt

Phyllis got this piece of fabric and put borders on it for her neighbor, Lexie. It's a cheater cloth, but it made a large quilt for her!

Mother Goose thread was used on this quilt.

Flower Swirls B2B was the quilting pattern.

The 3 borders.

The backing.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sandy's Windmills Quilt

Sandy made this quilt for a nice little cover up. Just the right size for a couch/lap quilt! And of course with Jo Morton fabrics, always a winner!

Floral Frolic was the quilting pattern.

Antique Gold thread was used.

Great fabrics in this! Great job!

The borders.

The fun backing!