Saturday, May 18, 2013

Alyce's Autumn Sunset Quilt

Alyce bought this kit and pieced this quilt and I hope she forgets to pick it up and it will be MINE!
I just love these delicious browns and reds and cheddars! I do believe they are Jo Mortons, how can you not love this quilt? And the light summery blue is so cool!

The warm brownie border. Love it!

Classy Curls Pano 004 was the quilting pattern used.

Java Brown was the thread used.

Did I tell you , I just love this quilt?

The yum backing!

A Short Jaunt in the Country

Yesterday we decided to take a short trip to a couple of quilts shops in Iowa. On the way down highway 34, we came to a sign that said "World's Largest Coffee Pot" in a little Swedish town named Stanton, Iowa. So we drove into town, found a little lady along the street and asked her where the coffee pot was and she was astounded that we did not see it (it was over the hill from where we came in) so she explained how to find it and said it was a good thing we were going to take a picture of it as they are going to take it down, but the townspeople want it back up as soon as possible because they are darn proud of it! She said it's been up there for years! When we asked how many and she thought a minute and then said, at least 20 years!

So there you go, this is it!

Looks a lot like the Sapp Brothers coffee pot near Omaha to me...just saying......but without the Swedish deco.

Then we came to Viking Lake State Park and drove around it a bit, looks like a nice little state park!

They even had a restaurant, but we didn't check it out.

But the real reason was to hit the 2 quilt shops, one in Creston and the other in Clarinda. The Creston one had tons of fabric, but very crowded, hard to see everything. The Clarinda one is out in the country on a farmstead in a barn type of place and it was wonderful! The nicest owner and the nicest stuff and all arranged nicely and they have it all right there, hard not to pick up a book or two, a pattern or three or a kit or an embroidery pattern, not that I did! LOL!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Donna's Hidden Friendship Star Quilt

Donna pieced this fabulous hidden friendship star, do you see it?
The very festive border fabric!

Pigskin thread was used.

Paisley Feather was the pattern used.

One down, 45+ projects to go!

The backing fabric.

Sandy's 3rd Husker Quilt!

Sandy has 3 grandsons and now she has all three Cornhusker quilts completed for the distribution of the quilts to them at some point. Hurray! Nicely done!

The wonky square in a square pattern works well with the UNL centers.

Gunmetal Grey thread was used.

Swirls Simple Sq. was the quilting pattern used.

Nice prints!

The crazy on your eyes backing fabric!

Alyce's Handkerchief Quilt

Alyce pieced this handkerchief patterned fabric together to make another summer quilt. She's getting her backlog of projects done!

Feather and Flower was the quilting pattern.

Pink thread was used.

Fanciful handkerchiefs!

The backing fabric.

Andrea's Red, White & Black Quilt

Andrea chose a great collection of fabrics for this beauty!

She chose the Circle Pano 001 quilting pattern.

Black thread was used.

The circles mimic the many circles in the fabrics.

The red backing.

Alyce's Rose Quilt

Alyce has made this delightful quilt, it just oozes summertime!

Light and airy floral patterns!

Special Rose E2E is the quilting pattern.

Zinnia is the thread used.

The backing fabric.

Andrea's Rose Garden Quilt

Andrea set these delicious fabrics together to create a great spring quilt!

Soft & Sweet B2B was the quilting pattern used.

Rosewood was the thread choice.

This will encourage spring!

The quilt backing fabric.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Linda's Square It Up Quilt

Linda is using up her fabric scraps in a great way! There are 720 2" squares in the body of this quilt plus the border squares which I did not bother to count!

Keywest lime thread was used.

Elc5014 was the pattern used.

The surprise backing, another quilt!

Two for one quilt!