Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heather's Quilt

Patty pieced this quilt for her niece, Heather, the third such quilt for the memory of Patty's mother, Heather's grandmother. She has made one for her daughter and then one for each of her two nieces. All have the hearts autographed from friends and family who knew the grandmother.

A great memory quilt.

Gunmetal Grey was used for the thread.

The borders.

Swirls Simple Square was the quilting pattern used.

Yellow and greys, a great combination of fabrics.

Heather will love this quilt!

The white backing fabric.

Amy's Cornhusker Quilt

Amy pieced this large quilt with the "N" for Nebraska football. That's a whole lot of squares for the center piecing. Very nice!

Footballs Huskers was the quilting pattern used.

Gunmetal was the thread used.

Very impressive "N"!

The borders.

The black backing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marcia's Jelly Roll Quilt

What do you get with a batik jelly roll and some fabric for a border? You get a beautiful quilt like this one! Marcia pieced this quilt and it seemed to warm the room making me think of a summer day or a beach or an get the idea!

Blooming Things B2B was the quilting pattern.

The borders.

Toca Orchid was the thread used.

So nice!

The backing.

Carly's Quilt

Laurie made this quilt for baby, Carly, who will love this quilt! It has machine embroidered blocks and such a wonderful design to go with the fabric that she chose.

A great gift!

Swirling B2B was the quilting pattern. And Satin Slipper was the thread used.

The backing.

Tyler's Quilt

Karyl made this quilt for her nephew, Tyler, and it's a winner! Check out those fantastic fabrics and such a neat way of piecing and showcasing the designs.

Camel thread was used.

Meandering loops was the quilting pattern.

Such a rich selection of fabrics.

He WILL love this quilt!

The brilliant backing fabric!

A Quilt for Baby Johnson

Karyl pieced this sweet baby quilt for an upcoming delivery. He will be nicely snuggled in this quilt!

Deep Blue Sea 001 was the quilting pattern.

The borders with their sea creatures.

Bermuda Blue thread was used.

Cute fabrics!

The backing.

Karyl's Square in a Square Quilt

Karyl pieced this colorful quilt with a simple square in a square type of pattern but so effective with all these fabrics! So bright!

Denali was the quilting pattern.

Pigskin was the thread used.

A great collection of fabrics and prints!

And of course it's always two for the price of one with the backing!

More of the backing.

A Heart Association Donation

Michelle put another Husker quilt together to donate to the auction for the Heart Association!
It's coming up so everyone attend the auction!

The Moo Border!

Quilted with black thread and the simple Meander quilting pattern.

The black backing.