Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sarah's Peace Quilt

This was a Mystery quilt that was on a Facebook site . I decided to do the quilt . I told a friend and she decided to do it, too. Then she told her sister and she decided to make the quilt, too. And we have a quilt group of 4 people so we decided to tell the 4th person, that being Sarah about it and she made the quilt, too! And she has hers done now and the other two have their quilts done, too, but have yet to bring them to me to quilt, but do I have mine done? Ah, no, but I will some day!!:)
All made with various Diamond Textile fabrics!  Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern , quilted with Sandbar thread color.
Superbly done!!
The backing.

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