Sunday, September 20, 2009

Marie's Getting them done!

Close up of one of the Pinwheel quilts.
This is one of 2 Pinwheel quilts that she has just recently finished.

Close up of one of the blocks on her Sampler Quilt.

Marie's Sampler Quilt. I used a new thread called Prune on it and it really looked nice. The pattern of quilting is called Tole Painting. She said she's using up all of her scraps of fabric and as another customer who looked at it said, "I wish I had scraps like that!" Wonderful blends of colors and you really should see this in person to appreciate the colors. These are just 3 of the many quilts that she is finishing up and I'd love to be the one to get one of these quilts for Christmas! She's now working on a flannel quilt, can't wait to see that one. That's on my list to do also, a nice flannel quilt for the winter to come, maybe two.

Marie's 30's Reproduction Sampler Quilt.
I used the Flower Swirls on this quilt also for that Old timey look.

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Rachel said...

Love the repro fabrics in this quilt! Nice!