Wednesday, September 11, 2019

My Swell Quilt

My Swell quilt. I custom quilted him using Swirling Snowflake Pano 001 for the background with Spearmint thread.

Red and white threads were used for his face and beard. 

Praline Pink here and there on his face,

The backing.

Vintage Trip Around the World Quilt

One of my customers sold the quilt top to me. I love these old vintage quilt tops!

I quilted it with the Sticky Buns pattern.

May Rose was the thread color.

I had this piece of fabric in my stash and it was just the right size for the backing of this quilt!

Kenne's Magic Box Square Quilt

If you want color, this one is for you! Kenne made this wonderful quilt and it has all the colors in the world !

Marilyn's Bubble Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Bright Light Green was the thread color.

The luscious backing!

Kenne's Oxbow Sampler Quilt Project

Kenne has been busy! She' been finishing up older projects right and left! This quilt was an Oxbow project (our quilt group) where we each made blocks with each others fabrics. She added more blocks for a larger quilt and came up with a beautiful quilt!

Sticky Buns was the quilting pattern that she chose, quilted with Ocean Blue thread..

Great job!

The backing.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Small Fall Panel.

A panel, a small black border and it's too simple,  but I liked this panel and it's perfect for fall!

I quilted it with 9005 variegated thread and the pattern called Autumn Moments B2B.

The backing...using it up!

Another Halloween Quick Quilt

Another simple panel with hour glass blocks for a border.

I used the quilting pattern called jack's Friends B2B with 9005 variegated thread.

The backing.

My Halloween Night Quilt

I made this little Halloween quilt via a panel and snowball piecing for the border. I used Halloween Time B2B for the quilting pattern with 9044 variegated thread.

The backing.