Saturday, January 20, 2018

Jean's Barn Quilt

Another barn quilt! But this time it is hand embroidered by Jean (age 92!)! Donna and Irene, friends of hers, then took her blocks and constructed the quilt top for her! Such nice friends to do that!

The blocks are almost all the same as the machine embroidered one, just larger in stitches and there are a few differences.

Grains of Wheat was the quilting pattern.

Sandbar was the thread choice.

I love these black stars in the sashing!

Nicely done!

The borders.

Any more barn quilts coming??

The backing.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Betty's Barn Quilt

This is Betty's Barn quilt and it's spectacular! She machine embroidered the 12 barn blocks and pieced them together with the always great Kansas Troubles fabrics! Wonderful!

Take a look at the blocks!

Barn Quilt Pano 001 was the quilting pattern that she chose.

The borders on the quilt. Dyed natural was the thread color.

The backing.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Virginia's Flower Quilt

This was another quilt made by Amy's aunt, Virginia, and she had me quilt it and will give it back to her uncle.

Sunlight was the thread color.

Meandering Loops was the quilting pattern.

Nice floral fabrics!

The borders on her quilt.

A great quilt of memories for her husband.

The backing.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Patty's Jelly Roll Quilt

Patty pieced this quilt made with a jelly roll, I think!

Dark prints to light makes an interesting quilt!

Pickup Sticks was the quilting pattern.

The dark border on the quilt.

Silver thread was used. Nice quilt!

The back where the pattern just pops!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jasen's Wedding Quilt

Dee moved to a new house on Dec 26th, started this quilt on Jan 2nd, brought it to me to quilt this morning and I quilted it today and she will pick it up in the morning and get it bound and it will be ready for her grandson's wedding on the 27th! Whew!!!

It's called Lover's Knot. The couple will love it!

Fleur Panto was the quilting pattern , quilted with Silver thread.

The borders on the quilt.

The backing.

Edith's Kaffe Fassett Batik Quilt

These beautiful batiks caught Edith's eye and she made this quilt from a kit. Kaffe Fassett fabric is always a delight!

Bejeweled B2B was the quilting pattern that she chose.

Purpleicious was the thread color.

Beautifully done!

The backing.

A Quilt for the Fricke Baby

Vickie is expecting her first grandchild and this is what she made for the little girl who will be born next month!

Curls in Love was the quilting pattern.

White thread was used.

Nicely done!

The new baby and family will love this quilt!

The backing.