Monday, February 13, 2017

Jaxx's Quilt

Michelle made this quilt for baby Jaxx!

A whole lot of color and prints in this quilt!

Blue Fish  B2B was the quilting pattern.

She machine appliqued his name on the quilt, too!

Limedrop was the thread choice.

The backing showing all the fish!

A Santa Quilt

I got this rather different Santa kit before Christmas so I decided to finally get it done. I am not behind, I figure I am actually way ahead for NEXT Christmas!!

Some of the borders.

The center Santa.

Bright Light Green was the thread choice.

The outer floral border.

Several borders on this quilt.

1317 Reindeer Games was the quilting pattern that really did not show up very well here.

Just need to bind it!

The backing.

Thomas's Blueberry Pie Quilt

On a trip to see relatives and give a nephew a quilt, Kath's father-in-law got excited about the quilt he was viewing and mentioned that he would really like to have a quilt to wrap up in! So, Kath made this one for him and I know he will be thrilled to get it!

She had me custom quilt it.

Teal thread was used on the blue areas of the quilt.

Dyed Natural thread was used on the light cream pieces of the quilt.

Flying Geese surround parts of each border.

The outer borders.

A very large quilt for a great father-in-law.

Great job, Kath!

The backing fabric.

The backing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tanner's Graduation Quilt

Janice made this quilt for her grandson's graduation. He is only 16 but she is way ahead in getting quilts ready for her grandchildren!

Just Lines and Circles Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Slate  Steel was the thread choice.

He will love it, great job!

The great batik backing!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mark's Quilt

Debbie made this patriotic quilt for her brother, Mark.

Star Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Mother Goose was the thread choice.

The blue and red borders on the quilt.

He's going to love this gift!

The backing.

Connie's Apple Quilt

Connie pieced this red and white apple core quilt and it is one gigantic quilt!

She chose the Sticky Buns quilt pattern and wanted me to make it as large as possible.

It has so many neat prints and you have to love a red and white quilt!

Cranberry thread was used. A wonderful quilt!

The awesome backing.

Donna's Bus Trip Candy Bar Quilt

So, what do quilt bus trips and candy bars have in common? If you don't know, you've never been on a quilt bus trip!
Donna bought this kit while on a quilt bus trip and the pattern is called Candy Bars. However, I'm sure there were real candy bars in the scheme of things.

Sticky Buns was the choice for the quilting pattern.

Camel thread was used.
The luscious border fabric! Nicely done!

The floral backing, how nice!