Thursday, July 20, 2017

Liz's Quilt for a new Grand baby!

Liz is expecting a new grandchild very soon, so she embroidered this baby quilt for her!

Moon Beam Pano 002 was the quilting pattern.

White thread was used.

Very nice!

Great job for baby # 6!

She will love it!

The soft flannel backing.

Joan's Autumn Stars Quilt

Joan pieced this star quilt. I absolutely love this pattern and it's on my list to make!

She chose a simple Meander for the quilting pattern.

Barley thread was used.

These deep tones with make a great fall quilt!

Nicely done! Love it!

The surprise backing, wonderful!

Mickie's Aunt Sulky's Patchwork Quilt

Look at all the piecing in this quilt! It's called Aunt Sulky's Patchwork Quilt and Mickie did an excellent job in it's creation!

Irish Swirls was the quilting pattern.

Mother Goose thread was used.

Great block design!

Great job!

The backing!

Susan's Fish Quilt

Susan loves to make these small baby or child's quilt and this one is a charity quilt! How cute is this?

Fish Pano 001 was the quilting pattern.

Robin Egg was the thread choice.

The borders.



Little people!

The backing! Cute!

Mickie's Blackbird Quilt

Mickie pieced this quilt. Isn't it interesting with so many amazing fabrics?

Click on the pictures to get a closer look!

Love Birds was the quilting pattern .

Radiant Turquoise was the thread choice.

I love these blackbirds/crows?

The borders on the quilt.

Nicely done!

The backing.

Alayna's 4-H Quilt

Alayna mad this huge quilt as her entry in the Seward County fair that is coming up in August! She has a lot binding to do before the fair, but she will get it done!

She chose the Cotton Candy quilting pattern for her quilt.

Lagoon was the thread choice.

There is glitter in the fabrics and it really shines! Nice job!

The backing.

Connie's Twin Girl Quilt

Connie put this little number together for a gift. She just took a really soft piece of fabric and added flannels borders and there you have it! It's for a little girl twin! She will love it!

Simple Butterfly Meander 001 was the quilting pattern.

Lemon thread was used.

The soft flannel backing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kathy's Creation

Kathy saw a quilt like this on TV so she decided to make her own rendition of that quilt!

I quilted it using the Pickup Sticks pattern.

Gunmetal Grey thread was used.

She likes modern quilts and quilting designs.

One of the first quilts that she has made, nice!

The backing.