Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cindy's Raffle T-shirt Quilt

 Cindy's friends each brought a UNL t-shirt to her and she put them together to make a really nice quilt! It will be a for a raffle for a person who is in need of help following an accident! Hope it brings in lots of money!

Gunmetal was the thread color and Football was the quilting pattern.

Nicely done!

The backing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cheryl's Bible Sampler Quilt

This quilt is amazing! Cheryl paper pieced every single block in this quilt, with perfection of course! This is also the largest quilt that I have quilted to date and it really filled up the space on my longarm. I believe there are 96 pieced blocks plus all of the alternate blocks.

In order to take pictures, we draped it over my longarm so I could not get all of the blocks in view or it would take 50 pictures to show it all! Trust me, it's spectacular!

Sophia B2B was the quilting pattern over the pieced blocks and then the border is done with Marian's Floral Border 6, a favorite of mine!

Quite an accomplishment!

Just a quick binding......haha, and it will be done!

The border, hard to see here.

Some better views of the border, perhaps.

The backing.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Mickie's Flannel 9 Patch Quilt

Oh my, another flannel quilt created by Mickie! And this one is just as cozy as the other one and so simplistic but precise and it just has the right balance of lights and darks and even a bit of woven jumped in the works! I just might have to make something like this, I do believe I have the fabric! :)

Clockworks B2B was the quilting pattern and quilted with Sesame Seeds thread!


The happy feel good backing!

Kathy's Jelly Roll Quilt

Kathy pieced this little number via a jelly roll! A great collection of light and dark grays. Nice!

Her bold border on the quilt! 

BoDangle was the quilting pattern done in Medium Gray thread.
The soft flannel backing.

Mickie's Six Stack Quilt

Mickie pieced this quilt with the softest of flannels! It's a snuggle up in the winter type of quilt, all right!

Irish Swirls,( how appropriate for today's post!), was the quilting pattern quilted  with Oregano thread!

And this is the back of the quilt! Great job!

Kathy's Funky Quilt

Kathy made this cute little quilt for some lucky baby! She calls it her Funky quilt!
Dragon Fly E2E was the quilting pattern quilted with White thread.

The borders on the quilt. What a fun quilt!
The backing which really shows the dragonfly pattern.

Kathy's Quilt of Valor

Look at this Quilt of Valor! Kathy pieced it for a group of vets who had attended the same high school in  Lincoln NE. One of them will love to receive this quilt!

Star Spangled Banner E2E was the quilting pattern quilted with Cranberry thread.

The borders on the quilt. Great job!

The backing.

Larry's Quilt

Phyllis made this quilt at the request of her son. He has a large house and needs quilts to cover all the beds!

Even has Lame' metallic fabric in it!

She chose the simple Meander and black thread for the quilting. I'm sure Larry will love this!

The black backing.

Peggy's Bed Quilt

WOW! Peggy put this quilt together for a quilt for her own bed! She is always so busy making quilts for everyone else, that it was time to make one for her own room. Bright and beautiful!

Fleur Panto was the quilting pattern and she chose Lagoon for the thread!

This will certainly brighten any room! Nicely done!

The blue marble backing.

Helen's Jelly Roll Quilt

Another spring quilt! Helen pieced this one !Isn't it pretty!!

She chose the quilting pattern bbp Flower Sweep 001 and white thread..

Nicely done!
The borders.

The backing which is crisp white, bad light in the picture.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Donna's Paper Pinwheels Quilt

Donna made this quilt! It's gives you the feeling of spring, of calm, of crisp springlike mornings when the birds are chirping and the warm breezes blow softly through the trees...OK, maybe going too far.....

And these pinwheels were the best made ever, she opened the seams and pressed them the right way and no hard intersections , perfection!

Chestnut Swirls was the quilting pattern.

Medium Gray was the thread color.

Beautiful quilt!

The backing.